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Re-winning: 10 computer software copyright certificates

Updatetime:2018-09-19 14:38:44
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    In recent years, Heruis Technology has continuously strengthened its independent research and development and innovation research and development, and has actively explored in the field of air tightness testing, and has developed a number of practical technologies and innovative equipment. This time, it has won several awards and won 10 national computers. Software copyright certificate. The 10-year technology precipitation has made Hairuisi Technology a technical wind vane in the industry, which has triggered a technical revolution in the airtight inspection industry.


The software software copyrights obtained this time are: Hairuisi Handheld Leak Test System v1.0, Hai Ruisi Leak Test Intelligent Learning System v1.0, Hai Ruisi Flow Pressure Composite Test System v1.0, Hairui Thought flow leakage test system v1.0, Hai Ruisi intelligent manipulator operating system v1.0, Hai Ruisi squeeze leak test system v1.0, Hai Ruisi audio leak test system v1.0, Hai Ruisi multi-channel Airtight tester software v1.0, Hairuisi test data preservation analysis system


The acquisition of the above computer software copyright certificate represents the exclusive rights enjoyed by Heruis Technology in the possession of software works. The copyright of computer software is an important indicator in the research and development of airtightness testing equipment by Hairuisi Technology. It can objectively reflect the development capability of Hairuisi Technology in terms of independent intellectual property rights, and can be protected by law and become a technology investment. It is an important basis for applying for scientific and technological achievements and enjoying various preferential policies.

The acquisition of these 10 certificates by Hairuisi Technology not only means obtaining the authoritative certification and protection of intellectual property rights, but also highlighting the strength of the company. It is an important testimony that Herrens Technology has been committed to professional technology, and it is also Hai Ruisi. Science and technology always attaches importance to the expression of technological innovation and intellectual property protection. Encourage Hairuisi Technology to unremittingly innovate air tightness detection technology to provide customers with higher quality and higher precision air tightness testing equipment.