Leak test (water detection) of electric vehicle motor

  • Model: Leak test (water detection) of electric vehicle motor
  • Category: new energy vehicles
  • details:

    Test product: Electric vehicle motor

    Instrument model:HC classic series air leak tester

    Test pressure:10Kpa    

    Testing time: 36s

    Production efficiency: 100pcs/h

Case Shows

With the continuous rise in oil prices, new energy vehicles are gradually in the sight of consumers. And electric cars are powered by electricity. Electrical energy is made by the motor of a car that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy or converts mechanical energy.


If the air tightness of the motor is not well done, it is easy to affect the driving safety and road safety.

Today we share a case about the motor air leak tester.

Testing equipment: HC classic series air leak tester


According to the structure and shape of the motor, we choose the Seald Component test type and Volume to determine the finished product, customized the supporting tooling and fixtures.


Put the motor into the fixture and fix it, select the set program, and press the start key. The pre-fill time is 5s, and the fixture time is 5s. During this period, the equipment inputs a certain amount of air pressure, monitors a certain amount of time, and calculates the volume change through the formula set in the instrument. If the volume does not exceed 400ML, it is determined that the product has no max leak. At this time, carry out the next step of micro leakage test and start filling. After 8s, ensure that the air pressure in the chamber reaches 15kPa, stop and enter the pressure stable stage. After 12s, start the test. After 5s, the instrument judges whether the leak value exceeds 10Pa. If not, it indicates that the tested product is qualified.

Advantages of Hirays leak tester:

l  High precision mold processing , up to 0.02mm;

l  Air leak tester, resolution up to 0.1PA;

l  Hirays has more than 30 mold design engineers and a strict evaluation system;

l  When service is needed, scan the QR code of the equipment, directly talk to the after-sales service personnel of Hirays, and refuse to wait ;

l  The detection system designed by Hirays strictly considers the stability and accuracy of the test results.


Benefits brought by Hirays leak detection equipment

l  High precision, ensuring the stability of the mold;

l  High resolution, even the smallest leakage can be accurately detected ;

l  Experienced engineers bring sophisticated mold design, so that each mold you use is stable and reliable ;

l  Instant communication with Hirays, can save the pain of looking for contacts everywhere ;

l  Strict requirements, bring a stable detection system to help you select defective products ;



Leak test (water detection) of electric vehicle motor
Leak test (water detection) of electric vehicle motor
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