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Fun May birthday party, full of hope, happiness

Updatetime:2018-09-19 14:33:49
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All in spring, summer, autumn and winter,

The most beautiful in May,

The rain in April washed the days of May,

The sky has no dust, blue;

Thin red and green mountains,

Just the exquisite place

 On the afternoon of May 31st, in the most beautiful May, I met the employee's birthday party, moved and warmed up, leaving memorable memories. As in the past month, the birthday stars from various departments gathered together, and the employees of the company together sent a birthday blessing to the birthday star.

                            Let’s take a look at the warmth of the moment with Xiaohai~

"Happy birthday to you, I wish you a happy birthday...", along with the familiar birthday songs, the two birthday stars made a wish before everyone gathered to the cake, and the birthday stars burst into a happy smile in mutual blessings...

Delicious cakes, fruits, sincere blessings, hearty laughs, warm smiles... are all recorded in the lens, fixed in the memory of each employee.

Finally, how can I forget the people who can't leave the job position for a while? Everyone has sent cakes and fruits, so that all the employees of the company can feel this joy. Everyone smiles and records this happy moment~ The birthday will be finished in a warm and happy atmosphere. Although the time is short, it brings endless warmth and touch to everyone, so that everyone can hope and be happy in every day in the future.