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    Hai Ruisi established

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Shenzhen Hairuisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
was established in 2008 and is headquartered in Songgang, Shenzhen.
It is a modern high-tech airtight testing equipment
technology enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and after-sales service.

development path
November 2017

The embedded waterproof tester was pre-assessed and tried by a company, and 60 sets of orders were placed. Hairuisi only used 20 days before and after delivery, creating a miracle.

July 2017

It ushered in the first embedded waterproof tester customer and entered the new energy automobile industry

April 2017

At the same time, Hairuisi introduced two embedded and hand-held waterproof testers.

March 2017

The fully automated production and testing project of the Hairuisi tire pressure module has cooperated with the first customer, marking the official entry of Hairuisi non-standard automation into the field of automobile tire pressure.

January 2017

10 sets of Hairuisi constant temperature presses are delivered to customers in Taiwan and Jilin, and the quality has been unanimously recognized by customers.

November 2016

Hai Ruisi plasma surface treatment "burning fire stick" was successfully launched.

August 2016

Hairuisi successfully launched the prototype of the constant temperature press machine and entered the aging test stage at the request of customers.

June 2016

The project team of Hairuisi tire pressure module automatic production line and tire pressure module sealing automatic detection system was established.

May 2016

Hairuisi launched an economical waterproof tester at the request of customers.

April 2016

The first batch of 5 Hairuisi ultra-low temperature screen-removing refrigerators was officially delivered to customers, setting a new milestone for LCD screen dismantling.

February 2016

Hairuisi ultra-low temperature screen-removing refrigerator has been successfully developed and entered the experimental stage, becoming another great contribution to the mobile phone repair screen after the high-quality laminating machine.

December 2015

The Hai Ruisi button feel test system passed the aging test and received the first order.

August 2015

The successful development of the Hairuisi button sensor test system has made the button test user-friendly and upgrades the button quality to a new level.

July 2015

The online version of the leak tester welcomed many international customers such as NBK, Israel, the United States, and France. The products received their unanimous approval and reached a cooperation agreement.

January 2015

The online version of the leak tester was officially launched to the market and became an honorary supplier to major companies such as Samsung, Philips, and the United States, escorting the quality of their products.

Application field
  • Electronics


  • Communication


  • Audio appliance


  • Security lighting


  • medical


  • Wire connection


Technological innovation

10 Years of innovation, never stop, cumulatively won 300 Multiple patents

Since its inception, the Group has always focused on product and technology innovation and the protection of corporate intellectual property.
At present, with strong R&D strength and leading technological innovation, Hai Ruisi has accumulated more than 300 national patents and holds leading technological advantages in the market of competitive incentives.

Independent research and development

We provide more than just a leak detector

Hairuisi always adheres to the business philosophy of “leading technology as the core” and takes “high quality and high service” as its management policy. It constantly surpasses itself and continuously innovates. Many technologies are at the first-class level in China.
The development and utilization of its air tightness detection and waterproof detection technology have brought about the revolution of the airtightness detection technology of similar products in China.


Establish close relationships with more than 200 well-known companies

Hai Ruisi has cooperated with Foxconn, BYD, Huawei, Valeo, Logitech, JBL, etc.
The world-renowned enterprises have established strategic partnerships and strengthened their joint development.