How does an air leak tester work on bracelet ?

  • Model: How does an air leak tester work on bracelet ?
  • Category: Smart wear
  • details:

    Test product: Bracelet

    Instrument model: HC classic series air leak tester

    Test pressure: 11.5Kpa

    Leak (judgment standard): 50pa

Case Shows

The smart bracelet is a smart product worn on the wrist to check heart rate and pulse through various sensors to obtain the user's body data during exercise, sleep or diet. The application scenarios of bracelets are becoming more and more extensive, from the initial digital clock to sports health, to the application of a wider range of personal ID recognition functions.


The waterproof performance of the bracelet has gradually changed from a major selling point to a standard function.

Today, I want to share the case of the air leak test of the intelligent bracelet.

Testing equipment: HC classic series air leak tester


Based on the customer's needs and the structure of the bracelet to be tested , customized fixtures and tooling that can be used to test the IP68 waterproof level. The indirect test function is adopted. The Input press is 11.5Kpa, the filling time is 5s, the stable time is 8s, the test time is 5s, the Pre-fill time is 5s, and the Exhaust time is 2s.


In the process of testing, if the pressure sensor detects that the leak value exceeds 50pa, the leak tester automatically determines that the bracelet is unqualified, and sends an alarm signal to prompt the detection personnel to disqualify the bracelet.

Advantages of Hirays’ air leak tester equipment:

l  High precision mold processing , up to 0.02mm;

l  Air leak tester, resolution up to 0.1PA;

l  Hirays has all product lines of air leak tester, real water leakage tester and HE leak tester, which can meet the use scenarios of all leakage tests from trial production to mass production;

l  Hirays has the ability of rapid system integration, and can deliver goods within 7 days as soon as possible after placing an order;

l  The designed testing system strictly considers the stability and accuracy of the test results;


Profit of Hirays’ air leak detection equipment

l  High precision, ensuring the stability of the mold;

l  High resolution, even the smallest leak can be accurately detected ;

l  Experienced engineers bring sophisticated mold design, so that each mold you use is stable and reliable ;

l  All the requirements of air leak testing can be packaged and purchased in Hirays to reduce the total cost of ownership;

l  Strict requirements, bring a stable detection system to help you select defective products ;


How does an air leak tester work on bracelet ?
How does an air leak tester work on bracelet ?
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