what is the air leak test of car radar ?

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The environmental perception system of new energy electric car is mainly responsible for enabling vehicles to obtain information from the outside through sensors, such as nearby vehicles, lane lines, pedestrians, buildings, obstacles, traffic signs, signal lights, etc., mainly including four categories of hardware sensors: car camera, millimeter wave radar, lidar and ultrasonic radar.


These sensors are usually placed outside the vehicle. The weather is changeable, and it is very easy to encounter rain and snow or water on the road. Once the air tightness of the sensor is unqualified, the device will be flooded, which may mislead the driver , or endanger the safety of vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

Therefore, the waterproof detection process should be done before the environmental sensing system components leave the factory.

How to test it? The following will give you answers one by one.

The locations to be test for air leak test of various sensors

Locations to be tested by ultrasonic radar: front and rear shells (semi-finished products) test pressure: 10-30kpa

Locations to be tested for millimeter wave radar: front and rear shells (semi-finished products) test pressure: 10-30kpa

Waterproof breathable membrane (real water detection) test pressure: 10-30kpa

Locations to be tested of on-board camera: lens, front and rear shells, shell and wire (true water detection) test pressure: 10-30kpa

Locations to be tested by lidar: front and rear shells, shells and wires (semi-finished product detection) test pressure: 10-100kpa


The components of air leak test system

Sealing air leak test equipment for ultrasonic radar, millimeter wave radar and lidar

High precision differential pressure instrument HC-B1020MAA 1 set;

+dual channel desktop tooling 1 set + custom wire sealing mold 2 sets,The instrument parameters are following




Waterproof breathable mold real water detection equipment: real water detector

HW-P1010EA 1 set + custom mold 1 set;

Problems and solutions that may be encountered in mass production:

Problem 1: During the detection process of millimeter wave radar, it is necessary to detect the sealing property and the waterproof property of the breathable membrane. It is difficult for ordinary enterprises to meet both detection requirements.



Solution: Hirays’ product line, covering air leak tester and true water detector, can perfectly solve problems.



Problem 2: All air leak testing, requires rich experience in mold design ,processing,and assembly. It is difficult for ordinary air tightness tester manufacturers to hire experienced designers, programmers and operating technicians with rich processing experience, resulting in the produced mold itself is not sufficiently tight, resulting in frequent mismeasurements and line stoppages.


Solution: Hirays has more than 30 experienced mold design engineers and 8 high-precision CNC machining centers; The machining accuracy can reach 0.02 mm;



Problem 3: If there is a problem, it is difficult to find the contact information of the person in charge of the manufacturer. Some problems need to be communicated for a long time before results can be obtained!


Solution: Hirays pays attention to the customer’s use experience. We try to shorten the distance between questions and answers. Every instrument,tooling,and equipment of Hirays has a quick communication channel for after-sales customer service; When you encounter a problem, you only need to scan the QR code and contact the after-sales customer service immediately.


Reasons for choosing us

Advantages of the environmental sensing air leak test detection scheme of Hirays:

l  High precision mold processing , up to 0.02mm;

l  Air tightness detector, resolution up to 0.1PA;

l  Hirays has more than 30 mold design engineers and a strict evaluation system;

l  When service is needed, scan the QR code of the equipment, directly talk to the after-sales service personnel of Hirays, and refuse to wait ;

l  The detection system designed by Hirays strictly considers the stability and accuracy of the test results.


The benefits brought by the environmental awareness air leak test detection scheme of Hirays:

l  High precision, ensuring the stability of the mold;

l  High resolution, even the smallest leakage can be accurately detected ;

l  Experienced engineers bring sophisticated mold design, so that each mold you use is stable and reliable ;

l  Instant communication with Hirays, can save the pain of looking for contacts everywhere ;

l  Strict requirements, bring a stable detection system to help you select defective products ;


How to ensure the accuracy of the results

That is, how to ensure the accuracy ,repeatability and stability of the test results?

This is determined by the detection result, that is, the displayed OK / NG, while the detection result is determined by the upper and lower limits of leakage, and the factors affecting the upper and lower limits of leakage ( the determination criteria) are the program parameters.

The judgment standard is made artificially according to the results of the previous experiment.

Four steps to find standards: first test, then test the water, set standards (small batch trial production), improve standards (mass production)

What are the factors that affect the judgment standard value?

In other words, when designing the leak test system, do you consider the following possible fluctuations? And avoid it in time?


How much is the temperature change of the detected gas during the calculation of the leakage value?


During the calculation of leakage value, whether there is relatively large deformation of the seal, resulting in larger or smaller space of the measured gas? (Overpressure of seals, easy deformation of products, etc.)


Has the seal reached its service life and been excessively worn? Are the seals cleaned in time or covered with dust?


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what is the air leak test of car radar ?
what is the air leak test of car radar ?
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