Air leak test of face recognition machine

  • Model: Air leak test of face recognition machine
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    Test product:Face recognition machine

    Instrument model:HC classic series air leak tester

    Test pressure:30Kpa

    Leak (judgment standard): 50pa                                                                

    Testing time: 45s

Case Shows

Place the ID card on the face recognition machine, brush face recognition, compare successfully...... Several of these machines stood at the entrance to a railway station. Zhang put away his ID card, quickly through face recognition, successfully entered the station.


Face recognition machines have been used in various places, such as train stations, high-speed railway stations, community entrances and company entrances.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine and good traffic and life order, face recognition needs to have good air tightness.

Air tightness tester of face recognition machine

Testing instrument: HC classic series air leak tester


According to the product shape, structure and customer needs, customize the corresponding fixture and tooling.


Use the indirect test function, select the set program, press the start button, and the instrument starts detection. The Input press is 30Kpa, the filling time is 15s, the stable time is 15s, the test time is 5s, and the Pre-fill time is 8s. If the leak value does not exceed 50pa during the test, it means that the tested product is qualified, otherwise it is defective.


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Air leak test of face recognition machine
Air leak test of face recognition machine
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