HW True Water tester

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HW Ture Water tester

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What problem does the real water tester can solve?

Q:The waterproof and breathable film is damaged during assembly, which affects the waterproof performance of the finished product.

A:Use Hirays true water tester to test, can immediately tell you when assembling, whether to damage the membrane

Q:The naked eye can not detect whether the waterproof breathable film is properly attached.

A:Use Hirays true water tester to test, can immediately tell you when assembling, whether to damage the membrane.

Q:How to verify the waterproof breathable film,whether proof and breath?

A:Use Hirays true water tester,immediately tell you,your waterproof breathable film wheter proof and breath.


  • Integrated design, so that the entire test equipment takes up only 280mmx210mm space;

  • Touch screen and HI-OS5.0 operating system;

  • The overall use of matte white color, with carefully designed appearance, to improve the cleanliness and beauty of the workshop;

  • Standard two-handed start button, eliminate hidden danger from the source;


  • The pioneer of new category, choose Hairui si, is to choose reliable and stable;

  • Provide professional film selection suggestions, shorten the trial production cost time;

  • Control the assembly process of waterproof and breathable film from the source whether it is qualified;

  • Perfect after-sales service mechanism, scan the qr code of the equipment, you can immediately contact with us;


  • Can improve the probability of receiving orders of high-end electronic products;

  • Get higher utilization of factory space;

  • Enjoy the fastest after-sales service;

  • You can customize the testing mold you need, Herace provides one-stop sealing testing solution;

  • Because of professional, so you can get high quality on time delivery of equipment;

Custom case 

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HW True Water tester
HW True Water tester
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