Sharing of air leak test parameters of security cameras

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When going out, everyone pays special attention to their own safety, and the high-hanging security cameras are one of the lines of defense to ensure the tranquility of the streets and alleys.

The security camera is a collection device that converts the optical image on the target surface of the image sensor from visible light to near-infrared spectrum to video image signal for the purpose of security monitoring.


Due to perennial exposure with the atmosphere, if the leakage is not tight, it is easy to cause the equipment to be eroded by water vapor, and the quality of the collected images is poor, affecting social public safety.


Today we are sharing of air leak testing methods of security cameras

Testing equipment: HC classic series air leak tester


Testing method: According to customer requirements and product structure, customized matching tooling and fixture.


Using the direct test function, put the product to be tested into the mold, The INPUT PRESS is 15Kpa, the Filling time is 10s, the stable time is 15s, the testing time is 3s .During the test, if the leak does not exceed 100pa, the product is qualified.


The advantages of Hirays’ air leak detection equipment

l  High precision mold processing , up to 0.02mm;

l  Air leak testing resolution up to 0.1PA;

l  Hirays allows you to test your controller in a test device;

l  Hirays has more than 30 mold design engineers and a strict evaluation system;

l  The detection system designed by Hirays strictly considers the stability and accuracy of the test results;


Profit of Hirays’ water detection equipment

l  High precision, ensuring the stability of the mold;

l  High resolution, even the smallest leakage can be accurately detected ;

l  Experienced engineers bring sophisticated mold design, so that each mold you use is stable and reliable ;

l  All the requirements of air leakage testing can be packaged and purchased in Hirays to reduce the total cost of ownership;

l  Strict requirements, bring a stable detection system to help you select defective products ;


Sharing of air leak test parameters of security cameras
Sharing of air leak test parameters of security cameras
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