HD28 Ingenuity Air Leak Tester

Product Introduction

HD28 Ingenuity Air Leak Tester


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  • Support seamless switching with ATEQ's F28;

  • Differential pressure test method, high precision, better stability;

  • The software automatically compensates the test difference caused by the temperature rise of the test gas caused by the solenoid valve working for a long time;

  • Provide PC side Demo program, convenient secondary development;

  • Highly competitive prices;


  • Shorter delivery time makes the project have faster delivery time;

  • Online support to provide better software and hardware development experience;

  • Provide PC Demo program, can save software engineers more time;

  • Worry-free after-sales, provide a two-year warranty period;

  • More competitive price, to ensure the project to achieve greater income;

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HD28 Ingenuity  Air Leak Tester
HD28 Ingenuity Air Leak Tester
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