Floor Type Frames

Product Introduction


系列分类:落地式   选型代号:F

工装类型:HD型    选型代号:D

工位数量:四工位   选型代号:4

结构特征:标准型   选型代号:S


气缸大小:可选32 63 80 100 125 其他型号咨询客服 

更大模具:160*150  定制尺寸




Product name: HD type four station floor frame

Series classification: floor type          selection code: F

Frame type: HD Type                        selection code: D

Number of stations: 4 Station            selection code: 4

Structural features: Standard type    selection code: S

Dimensions: Length 950* width 740* height 1672

Cylinder size: optional 32 63 80 100 125 other models consult customer service

Maximum mold: 160*150 custom size

Quick mold change: supported

Capacity about: single pressure test 480 (according to the test cycle 30S)

Application: small household appliances, intelligent wearable and other tests, can be matched with computers and MES

Floor Type Frames
Floor Type Frames
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