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Water proof test method of balance car and application of fast water proof test equipment

The important thing to say three times, the balance car is to doWaterproof testIn other words, the dust should be completely prevented from entering and no harm should be caused by washing with water. That is to say, it needs to be usedWaterproof testerWater proof test

According to the relevant media reports, most of the bad factors that lead to the damage and short life of the balance car in use are caused by the lack of waterproof or the water-proof level is not up to the standard, so the balance car is not safeWaterproof testIt's very important.

So what kind of method is good for the waterproof test of the balance car? How to realize the fast waterproof test needs to be achievedIP66防水测试How to do it, how to carry out the IP66 waterproof test of the balance car, which is now popularAir tightness detectorIs the rapid waterproof test method applicable? Here are your answers.

Yes, it can be used气密性检测仪Test, aliasWaterproof tester气密性检漏仪Seal detectorThis is a test method using compressed airWaterproof test equipmentIP waterproof tester can be applied to electronic components of balance car防水检测, waterproof test of parts, waterproof test of semi-finished products, overall waterproof test of balance car.

The waterproof test method of balance car is: make a sealed test tooling according to the parts, semi-finished products and finished products to be tested, and then set the air tightness according to the test requirementsWaterproof testerThe parameters such as inflation time, stability time, test time, allowable maximum leakage value, test mode (positive pressure, negative pressure, indirect pressure, differential pressure), and the test object to be tested are put into the test tooling, and then the waterproof tester can be started to test, the fastest test process can reach 3 seconds.



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