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Air seal detector of Harris Technology

Seal detectorAlso called气密性检测仪, is a high-tech tightness testing equipment for the purpose of waterproof testing, sealing testing and air tightness testing

Seal detector is also called air tightness detectorIn the past, it was often used by & amp; ldquo; Water detection method & amp; rdquo; But with the progress and development of technology, it is generally used & amp; ldquo; Vacuum decay

Minus Technology & amp; rdquo; And & amp; ldquo; Carbon dioxide tracer method & amp; rdquo; There are two ways to detect.


The detection principle is relative to the traditional one& ldquo; Water detection method & amp; rdquo;, new technique密封检测仪The advantage of this method is also obvious: even a small leak can be lossless

Non invasive on-line, off-line and other multi-directional sealing detection, and now welcome time quickly, so it is widely used in cameras, bracelets and other industries

IndustrialDo tightness test, tightness test.

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