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5atm smart watch waterproof test method 8atm smart watch air tightness test principle - Harris Technology

The waterproof detection of smart watch has been well known by various manufacturers in the market. If the smart watch does not do air tightness test, it will directly affect the service life of the smart watch. Recently, Harris technology has received a lot of inquiries from customers about making smart watches. What about waterproof tests for similar smart watches? What is the principle of air tightness test for smart watch? 5ATMWaterproof test of smart Watch?8ATM智能手表气密性测试How to realize it? There are many such problems. Today, Harris technology will share with you 5atm and 8atm智能手表防水测试/The principle and method of air tightness test.

First of all, let's briefly introduce the structure of smart watch, as well as the waterproof grade of 5atm and 8atm. The waterproof of watch depends on the waterproof rubber ring at the mirror, back cover and handle to reach the corresponding standard. All waterproof watches are marked with & amp; on the bottom cover; ldquo; Waterstant or & amp; ldquo; WATER PROOF& rdquo; In English. Watch without waterproof mark can only be dustproof and should avoid water.

5atm waterproof: it is required that the waterproof degree of the component should meet the atmospheric pressure waterproof degree of 5atm, and it is not to dive into the seabed 50 meters without water.

5atm waterproof watch can be used for swimming in shallow water area and general hand washing. 8atm can be used for swimming and underwater work.

If customers want to test 5atm, its waterproof level is equivalent to IP68. In terms of testing the waterproof performance of watches, manufacturers generally choose the air tightness test method to test the waterproof performance of watches with compressed air. If water is used for testing, the movement of the watch which can not reach the waterproof level is easily damaged by water and discarded.

Figure: 5atmm智能手表防水检测

The waterproof level of the customer requirement test received by Harris is 5atm, and the customer requires 500kPa pressure for testing. From the customer's product appearance, the watch's appearance is artificial sapphire. From the material evaluation, the product should be able to withstand the pressure of 500kPa. If the product is made of plastic or ordinary glass, the product can't bear too much pressure. If the pressure is set too high, the product will be damaged. According to the customer's test requirements, we help customers set the parameter value is the intake time is 5S, the pressure stabilization time is 5S, the test time is 5S, the total test time is 15s.

Because the product is relatively small and there is no air filling hole, so we need to use the indirect test method to test through the mold. When helping customers to customize the test scheme, we need to make a completely sealed mold for customers according to the hot spots and shapes of customers' products. The sealing degree of the mold directly affects the test results. This step is very important.

After the fixture and mold are finished, we can connect the tooling with our air tightness detector through the air pipe. After setting up the test data, you can start to test the product. If the product is defective, the air tightness test will also automatically alert the tester.

Figure: hermetic HC classic series tester

This time we choose HC classic series air tightness tester to test the air tightness of smart watch. HC classic series air tightness tester is a very mature and stable instrument of Harris. With its high precision and stability, more than 1000 sets of equipment have been deployed in more than 400 customer factories. The function and performance parameters of the instrument can meet the needs of most customers, and at the same time, it also takes into account the cost performance, which can meet the waterproof test / air tightness test of different smart watches. The following is a collection of our waterproof test cases for smart watches:

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