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Development and application of leak detector

Development and application of leak detector

Leak detectorIts main application is to detect the leakage of gas and liquid and the tightness of the product, because if the tightness is good, there will be no leakage, or the leakage is relatively small, which can be tolerated.

With the continuous progress of modern production technology, higher and higher requirements are put forward for the means of leakage detection. From the water soaking method 20 years ago to the compressed air leak detection method now, it can be said that the development is rapid.

With the upgrading of leak detection technology, water immersion method has been rarely used, and air tightness leak detection technology has made a greater breakthrough in recent years. With the technical upgrading of air leak detection method, it will be upgraded again... It plays an increasingly important role in ensuring product quality. Especially in the automotive industry, whether the air tightness of the cylinder can be guaranteed directly affects the performance of the car. The same is true of the oil tank. If there is no guarantee that the oil tank will not leak, once there is oil leakage, the oil leakage is a kind of loss, a kind of waste, and may even cause fire or explosion.

With the development of leak detection technology, the research of gas leak detector makes leak detection technology more widely used. Traditional leak detection methods are not flexible, easy to misjudge, and not conducive to data storage and analysis. Due to the advantages of simple principle, low cost, convenient and practical, clean and pollution-free, Shenzhen Harris automatic technology leak detector is widely favored in the field of air tightness detection

The leak detector of Shenzhen Harris is a self-developed leak detection system, and its core components are precision pressure sensors imported from the United States. The detection accuracy is as high as, which means that the bubble with the size of leakage needle can be detected every minute. Harris leak detector is widely used in various fields, such as leakage detection of various boxes, liquid leakage detection of products, gas leakage detection, sealing detection, waterproof detection, IP waterproof level detection, etc




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