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2021cmm electronic manufacturing automation exhibition ends successfully

two thousand and twenty-oneA three-daytwo021 CMM Electronic manufacturing automation& amp;Resource ExhibitionThe curtain has come to an end, and Hercules technology has brought& ldquo;1dragfourPut in front and take out after& rdquo; In this exhibition, many people are attractedElectronic manufacturingThe industry practitioners' praise is also very goodIt has attracted the attention of all the audience and driven their enthusiasm for a long time.

First of all, let's introduce the protagonist device brought by Harris technology& ldquo;1dragfourPut in front and take out after& rdquo;, The advantages are as follows:

1、Put the front and take the back to match the manipulator

2Single person operation1dragfourHigh efficiency and low cost

three, built inATEQ F28OfHD28instrument

4Suitable for mobile phones, watchesTWSheadset

With the development of electronic manufacturing industry, the waterproof of products also put forward higher requirements& ldquo;1drag4Put in front and take out after& rdquo; It is helpful for enterprises to improve efficiency, reduce cost and realize automation.

exhibition sceneIt is bustling and popular.The friends of Harris technology are enthusiastically explaining the equipment to the customers,Let customers experienceConvenient and efficient equipment, and quality service.In this crowded exhibition, you can see and feel the experience modeexactlyAlso let us win the recognition of on-site exhibitors in the exhibition, and through on-site communication reached a lot of cooperation intentioncustomer

As& ldquo; Professional air tightness and waterproof testing equipment expert & amp; rdquo;, Hiris technology has more than ten years of industry technology research and development experience, always adhere to the customer demand-oriented, to provide serviceDelivery of one-stop service and customization of some humanized functionsIt is favored by customers.FollowingHCClassic series waterproof testerHL leaderSeries air tightness detectorHWAfter the series of true water detectors,To bring forth the new again,guideTrend, launch a new generation& ldquo;1drag4Put in front and take out after& rdquo;, Put things before, take things after, all for efficiency!

The exhibition is over, butHarrisThe original intention remains unchanged. In the follow-up time, we will still maintain enthusiasm and sincerity to serve you and serve youcustomerTo provide efficient, convenient, accurate and low-cost air tightness and waterproof detection solutions.I hope we can move forward and explore togetherAirtight waterproof technologyThe future of China.

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