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Good news! Warmly celebrate the "national high tech enterprise" certification of [herrens technology]

two thousand and eighteenyearelevenmonthnineShenzhen herrense Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise with certificate NoGR201844202326。 With professional R & D team, strong technical strength and continuous innovation ability, Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is constantly moving forward in the ranks of high-tech enterprises.


The high-tech enterprise certification also marks that its high-tech organization and management level, scientific research achievements transformation ability and independent research and development products have been recognized by the national science and Technology Department, and are in the forefront of domestic counterparts. The certification of high-tech enterprises will play a potential role in promoting the status of the industry, establishing brand image and promoting business growth.It can be easily understood as a top-notch force in the national economy. Shenzhen herrense Automation Technology Co., Ltd. won this award precisely because its breakthrough R & D force was affirmed.


nearIn the past 11 years, Shenzhen hairuisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd,Win the market with technological innovation!Harris respects intellectual property rights, draws world-class experience with an open mind, seriously digests and absorbs it, strives to catch up with and surpass it, and makes bold breakthroughs and innovations;At present, it has obtained a number of independent invention patents and utility model patents in the field of sealing test,seventeenAt the same time, Harris has also become a national leader& ldquo;Standard for waterproofing test of electronic products& rdquo;The main drafting unit of GB revision has led the development of the industry and become an example for the industry to imitate;At the same time, we have forged a highly educated and experienced scientific research and engineering team, which can carry out customized product development and service according to the needs of customers in real time.This timeThrough strict evaluation at all levels, with strong innovation and R & D ability, it is highly valued by the science and Technology Committee, and it is well deserved to be rated as a high-tech enterprise.

This time, Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise, which will further promote the process of independent innovation and R & D of Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. at the same timeHarris TechnologyAnother milestone in the history of the company. National High Tech技术Enterprise certification will bring scientific research strength, corporate image, market value and other aspects of promotion for Shenzhen herrense Automation Technology Co., Ltd., we will firmly grasp this opportunityThis opportunity, do not forget the original intention, forge ahead, make full use of their own technical advantages, keep forging ahead, and better provide better services for the development of the air tightness testing industry.

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