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Customer feedback: application of hermetic battery pack sealing tester production line

Recently, the after-sales team of Harris technology has received feedback from a user who has customized a batch of battery pack tightness testers in Harris technology, which have been put into the production line to test the battery pack tightness.

The volume of the battery pack produced by the customer is large, which leads to the lack of applicable methods and universal equipment in the battery pack sealing test. In addition, a lot of manpower and equipment are needed to assist the battery pack test in the test. With the increase of production line output, the original sealing detection mode has been unable to meet the daily detection needs of customers, and the detection cost remains high. Customers urgently need a high-efficiency and low-cost detection equipment to meet the detection needs, so they take the initiative to contact Harris technology. After in-depth understanding of the customer's products, we customized a battery pack sealing test scheme for the customer, which helps the customer to realize high-precision detection and high-efficiency detection of battery packs.


Hermetic tester for battery pack

First of all, we need to achieve high-precision sealing test of battery pack. This hermetic tester is equipped with high sensitivity pressure sensing and regulating unit, and with advanced differential pressure software algorithm, the minimum resolution can reach 1pA, which has won the national patent. Plus the patented technology independently developed by Shanghai Ruisi: & amp; ldquo; IVT pneumatic seal valve island & amp; rdquo;, Greatly improve the test accuracy, ensure the stability of the instrument, inflation speed has also been greatly improved. Accurately identify the battery defects, improve the detection efficiency and control the quality of production.


Application of hermetic battery pack sealing tester production line

Secondly, the use of the sealing tester greatly reduces the detection cost of customers. This detector has small volume and strong mobility. It can flexibly deal with the sealing test of battery pack, reduce the movement of battery in the test, and realize the non fixed mobile test. It has more advantages in the detection of large battery pack. This also reduces the human investment in the sealing test, simplifies the test process, optimizes the test link, and reduces the equipment investment, further optimizes the enterprise capital chain.

Parameters table of hermetic tester for battery pack

The customer said that after the battery pack sealing tester was put into use, the product testing efficiency was greatly improved, and the stable performance and simple operation process made an important contribution to the adjustment of enterprise production mode. This is the customer's great affirmation of the tester of Harris technology. Here, we would like to thank our customers for their trust and support. We will help our customers to better test the sealing of our products.


Function interface of hermetic tester for battery pack

At present, our battery pack sealing tester has been used by many domestic automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. However, with the increase of the number of electric and hybrid electric vehicles, as well as the users' pursuit of safety, the sealing test of battery pack has become a key work for automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. As an expert in R & D and production of sealing tester, we also innovate testing equipment to cope with production changes and market demand.

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