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User feedback of hermetic tester for thermos cup cover of Harris Technology

Previously,HuiciscoOrdered at Harris Technologyvacuum cupThe cover sealing tester has been successfully put into production testing, and today we have received feedback from the person in charge.

Huiciscovacuum cupReal photos of testing workshop

The customer said that the sealing tester is easy to operate and easy to use. Before the launch, through the operation process training and guidance of Harris technology specialty, the customer testing personnel fully mastered the specific matters of the detector operation, and the efficiency of the insulation cup sealing test was improved several times.

Secondly, in the realization of high-precision sealing detection, the traceability function is also very powerful. It has the function of Internet of things. It is equipped with PC monitoring software, bar code scanning function and printer to realize remote management, monitoring and quality traceability. It can be connected with MES system for networking. The test results are digitized, and then fed back to the production for the later stagevacuum cupThe improvement of cover production process provides accurate data reference.

Huiciscovacuum cupReal photos of testing workshop

Thirdly, the rigid requirements of Hercules technology for its own service ability deeply moved users, so that online and offline timely response, at any time to serve users. The remote assistance function is configured on the equipment, and the data transmission module is optional. At the operation end, one key call to the technical experts of Harris can help the operation of the instrument remotely. Offline8 hours in the province and 8 hours outside the province48Hour response policy,To serve customers as fast as possible. secondlystillWe have a complete set of fixture design and manufacturing capacity,provideOne stop service to fully meetCisco'stestingservicedemand

Heresis technology would like to thank huisike for its feedback. We will provide customers with the best air tightness testing service. We hope that our testers can use huisike's production power.

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