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Thanks for your company and grow together

The new year breeds new goals and hopes
On January 27, 2018, the year-end activities of Shenzhen Harris Technology Co., Ltd. in 2018 were successfully held

This year-end activity of Shenzhen Harris technology brings all employees and their families together. This year-end activity is divided into two projects: year-end dinner and KTV entertainment. Looking back and looking forward to the New Year! Next, let's savor that night full of excitement and fun!

Activity review
At 18:00 on January 27, all employees and their families arrived at the dinner destination on time, waiting for the banquet. During the banquet, the great gods showed a great deal~~

(year end dinner scene)

& ldquo; KTV annual meeting starts & amp; rdquo;

The annual meeting was opened in the host's wonderful and sincere New Year's speech, and then the general manager of Harris technology delivered a speech to express his cordial greetings and best wishes. At the same time, he fully affirmed the company's achievements in 2017 and encouraged all employees of the company to make more brilliant achievements in 2018. The wonderful speech received warm applause.
Supporters open the curtain of the activity and president Zhang delivers a speech

& ldquo; Activities & amp; rdquo;

Then, in order to activate the atmosphere, the host carefully prepared two small games for all staff to participate. Subsequently, Mr. Zhang of Hairui technology presented the 2017 loyalty veteran award, 2017 outstanding employee award and 2017 outstanding contribution award, which pushed the activity to a climax.

The winner delivered his acceptance speech

Year end bonus

The issue of year-end bonus is particularly exciting. The issue of year-end bonus is not only a reward for your hard work in the past year, but also a gratitude for your company and dependence.

Facing the future, Harris technology will continue to work hard, at the same time, never forget the original intention, always put solving problems for customers in the first place. Thanks to the colleagues, partners and customers who accompany the company along the way. It is because of you that we have a thriving Harris.

I sincerely wish everyone better and better in 2018.

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