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Live up to the trust of customers! The first batch of 14 sets of non-standard sealing test system equipment of Harris technology have been successfully delivered!

Today, the first batch of 14 sets of non-standard sealing test system equipment of Shenzhen Harris technology were successfully delivered, and 14 sets of dual and three-way non-standard sealing test system were completed in a short period of 10 days. We have to say that herrens technology comrades have worked hard, but it reflects more herrens technology's specialty, technology, efficiency and the cohesion of colleagues!

Arrange in order, prepare to take the packing car and send it to the customer

When the customer gives the order to Harris technology, after all the mold materials are ready, there are only three days left. The customer is also very worried about the delivery date, which will affect the production. However, in order to make the customer feel at ease, Harris technology guarantees the delivery date to the customer.

The production department, engineering department and sales department work together to assist the assembly

In addition to dealing with the uncertainties in the manufacturing process, Harris technology is also under the pressure of 14 sets of non-standard sealing detection system equipment in three days. With the assistance and efforts of various departments, the non-standard sealing test system equipment has successfully completed the assembly and commissioning process. In the view of Harris technology, the production of finished products does not mean the end, so that customers can rest assured that it is a success.

The shipment of the first batch of 14 non-standard sealing test system equipment not only let Harris technology to & amp; ldquo; National high tech enterprise & amp; rdquo; At the same time, it has won the good reputation of hermetic testing technology solutions and equipment suppliers. Of course, the smooth delivery of these products is also inseparable from the strong support and cooperation of customers. Here, we sincerely thank our customers for their trust. We hope that through this cooperation, we can contribute to our respective fields and achieve a win-win situation.

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