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Another Qingming holiday

Harris Technologytwo thousand and twenty-oneThe annual Qingming Festival holidays are arranged as follows:fourmonththreeThe holiday starts on Sunday (Saturday) and ends onfourmonth5Day (week)one)I'm going to work from now on.

The beginning of AprilIt's Qingming again.Qingming Festival is not only a traditional festival in China, but also one of the most important sacrificial festivals. It is a day of ancestor worship and tomb sweeping.In the new era, Qingming Festival is not only to visit the tombs and worship the ancestors, but also to follow the teachings of the ancestors and carry forward the virtues of traditional culture.

Traditional culture is supreme, but safety is particularly importantBelow andHarris TechnologyLet's seeQingming Festivalwantbe carefulOfmatter

Precautions for Qingming Festival:

1Safe travel. Reasonable arrangement of proper travel mode

2Take good care of your belongings. Parents with children should take good care of their children and avoid getting lost.

3Strengthen the awareness of fire prevention. Don't set off fireworks in the cemetery. When sweeping the cemetery, you should first remove the dry weeds around to avoid causing a fire. It is necessary to put out the fire and eliminate the hidden danger of fire.

4Civilized sacrifice and sweeping.

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