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Harris share: necessary for resumption of work, identification data and prevention and control emergency plan

Dear friends, all kinds of identification and information necessary for the resumption of workPrevention and control emergency plan, Harris share it with you, just copy and modify it! I hope it will help you to return to work as soon as possible!

Harris on novel coronavirus pneumoniaPrevention and control emergency plan

Objective: To investigate the mechanism of the diseaseIn order to effectively preventNovel coronavirus pneumoniaOccurrence and controlNovel coronavirus pneumoniaThe spread of the epidemic, to ensure thatvastThis plan is formulated to ensure the health and life safety of employees and maintain social stability.

1、 Organization and division of responsibilities

The epidemic prevention and control group of Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established

Team leader: Huang Beishi

Deputy Group Leader: Liao shanggui

The company's epidemic prevention and control group consists of:

Epidemic prevention team: Bi JunxinChen DongTo be responsible for the epidemic situation monitoring, investigation and early warning during the Spring Festival holidays and after the construction;

Publicity patrol team: Huang Beishi, responsible for the daily patrol of the plant and the publicity and education of the epidemic response of the staff;

Xiaosha group: Chen Dong, Liao shangguiBe responsible for the disinfection and sterilization work in the plant area;

Emergency response team: Zhang Yinghai, Huang BeishiBe responsible for dealing with abnormal situations;

Logistics support group: Zhang YinghaiTo be responsible for the procurement and distribution of epidemic prevention materials;

Information submission group: Liao shanggui, responsible for submitting daily enterprise information to the sub district office every day.

2、 Improve the system Effective prevention and control

1. Responsibility system:group leaderAs the first person responsible for the prevention and control work, eachThe group leader isResponsible reporter. The responsible reporter should conscientiously perform his duties and report the relevant situation in time. All departments should actively cooperate with the responsible person's work and undertake the corresponding prevention and control responsibilities.

2. Epidemic reporting system: response to emerging diseasesNovel coronavirus pneumoniaEpidemic or suspectedNovel coronavirus pneumoniaIn case of epidemic situation, each project shall immediately report to the responsible reporter and the responsible person of the client, isolate the patient, immediately report to the District CDC and the client's office, and the CDC shall carry out diagnosis and examination for the patientNovel coronavirus pneumoniaThe patients will be treated in isolation according to the requirements of CDC.

3、Epidemic detectionSystem: everyBefore work in the morning and afternoonyesCustomers and employees shall issue masks and measure their body temperature, which shall be recorded in the registration form of herrense epidemic prevention

4. Absence registration system: do a good job in the registration of absence, find out the reasons for absence, such as the absence of personnel and personnelNovel coronavirus pneumoniaSimilar diseases should be reported to the leading group immediately, the disease situation should be verified immediately, and corresponding treatment should be made. It is necessary to have the medical certificate of the hospital before returning to the post.

5. Medical registration system: do a good job in medical registration, where there is a problemNovel coronavirus pneumoniaOr suspectedNovel coronavirus pneumoniaIt should be registered and reported to the leading group and relevant units in time.

6. Duty system: the administrative staff should conscientiously do the duty work according to the requirements and lead the team members. Information should be unblocked 24 hours a day, so that it can be contacted at any time.

7、Novel coronavirus pneumoniaPrevention publicity system: UsingEnterprise wechatCompany QQ groupAnd other means of publicity to the staff and owners in a timely manner& ldquo; preventionNovel coronavirus pneumonia& rdquo; The publicity and education of the government.

8. Cleaning system. Clean and sweep every day,Antivirus,Firmly do not leave a health corner, maintain indoor ventilation, to ensure a good sanitary environment.

9. Accountability system: in case of delayed reporting, false reporting, concealment, missing reporting or improper handling of the epidemic situation, the relevant person in charge and the parties shall be held responsible.

10. The employee's failure to implement the plan is a serious violation of discipline, so the labor contract shall be solved without compensation. If the owner's personnel can't cooperate with the implementation of the plan, they shall report to the competent unit for handling. If the third party can't cooperate with the implementation of the plan, they shall inform the customer and relevant government agencies to handle it. In case of emergency, they can take appropriate strong measures to control the development of the situation, Waiting for the higher authorities to deal with.

Good news: warm congratulations to herrense for winning ISO9001 certification New starting point, new journey and new leap forward

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