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It's a family~~

November is autumn in the south;

CarryingA ray of cool autumn,

Congealing a pure dream

In this warm season, HerculeselevenMy birthday friend held a birthday partyparty .

At ten o'clock in the morning, the company's small partners successively gathered in the conference room on the second floor of Harris. In the cheerful music, we chatted about our family and joked with each other. It was also a pleasant time in our busy work.

HarrisWe specially prepared exquisite birthday cakes for the birthday stars, accompanied by familiar melodies,& ldquo; Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you & amp; hellip;& amp; hellip;& amp; rdquo;, In the face of the candlelight cake, several birthday stars make a good wish together. The smiling faces under the candlelight show & amp; ldquo; Not a family is better than a family & amp; rdquo; Warm atmosphere

Good time is always short, in this no flowers, but there is applause; In the days when there was no good wine but blessing, we had a happy time. An excellent enterprise must be an enterprise with rich connotation and profound culture. Hiris always adheres to the concept of people-oriented and scientific management, and believes that hiris technology will also develop in the futureAir tightness testThe road is getting wider and wider....

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