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Harris held a group birthday party for employees with August birthday

eightmonthtwenty-nineOn the morning of the 12th, HerculeseightEmployees who celebrate their birthdays in may hold collective creative birthday celebration activities. With the cheerful music, we gathered in the Harris conference room to celebrate our birthday in AugustpartyA tour of the world.

Birthday stars in August are full of bright smiles

The company has prepared exquisite cakes and creative fruit platters for our friends. Everyone is relaxing,Happy atmosphere to talk about home, exchange work experience, eliminate the usual strangeness in the work, shorten the distance between each other. With a loud and happy birthday song, the birthday stars sang beautiful songs and made good wishes together. The whole activity atmosphere reached a climax, and the employees were very happy! It shows the vitality of young people and the vigorous corporate culture of Harris.

A cake and fruit platter for the birthday star

Shenzhen Harris technology is a leading brand in the air tightness testing industry. The company always adheres to the principle of regarding employees as family members in the work and life of employees. The company often organizes new and rich activities, always cares about employees, and forms a harmonious corporate culture of employees loving the enterprise.

The celebration of the birthday in August came to a successful conclusion in the joyful music and everyone's blessing for the birthday.

As an important activity of the company's team building, the birthday party also reflects the company's care for employees, which plays a great role and benefits in improving the company's cultural atmosphere, creating a positive working environment, and improving employees' loyalty and sense of belonging.Also let us really feel the warmth of this big family. Thanks for the company's care, we will work harder. The company will hold such birthday activities every month.

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