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International Children's Day   Hercules technology provides welfare for employees' children
June 1 is approaching children's day.Harris TechnologyIn order to thank all the staff for their hard work and express their deep love for them. As the festival approaches,Harris科技Assignment for employees' childrenChildren's Day gift。 On May 27,HarrisThe office is full of gifts for employees' children儿童节礼物All employees with babies under 12 years old can get a gift for their babies.
Picture:海瑞思Children's day picture book gifts prepared by the company for employees' children
Photo: 61 children's Day gift book waiting to be collected
Harris TechnologyThe gift carefully selected for the children is picture book, which means that the children's growth can bring their imagination and creativity into full play, record the children's growth moment, and let the parents know the children's inner thoughts and changes in time; At the same time, cultivate children's fun of painting; Also hope that parents in the process of painting, can play a better role in guiding the growth of children.
Picture:海瑞思The staff members collect children's Day gifts for their children.
in recent years,海瑞思科技Actively create a warm working environment atmosphere, build a harmonious corporate culture, constantly innovate forms, start from the vital interests of employees, care about employees, so that employees can truly feel & amp; ldquo;海瑞思Warmth of extended family & amp; rdquo;。
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