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How is the air tightness test and ipx6 waterproof grade test of the speaker carried out? What is its secret?

How does Harris air tightness tester test speakers? It mainly focuses on the structure of test products. Some speakers are air ports, such as JBL and Beijing Hyundai. As long as they are slightly larger, they will reserve air ports, and there is no need to do additional air tightness test tooling for such products, As long as the fast interface of air tightness test is used to connect with the punching port of the product, the test can be carried out. If there is no inflation port, it is necessary to make a sealing tooling according to the shape of the product, then put the product into the test tooling, connect the air tightness tester, and then it can be tested. The airtightness tester of Harris is integrated with positive and negative pressure test system, which can use negative pressure or positive pressure to test the waterproof grade of the speaker, so it is more applicable. In the face of different test conditions, you can choose the most effective air tightness. The waterproof grade test scheme is shown in the following figure. The picture shows JBL series products, with the protection grade of ipx7. The corresponding laboratory standard of some standards is: 1 meter underwater, Half an hour, no water

Because the air tightness detector uses gas as the medium to detect, the water molecule must be larger than the gas molecule, and we can't detect for half an hour (no efficiency), so we use the detection pressure of 10KPA (fully simulate the underwater pressure) to form the pressure around the product through the mold, which is also the direction of fully simulate the water pressure to detect the gas leakage of the speaker, So as to achieve the speaker air tightness test, ipx6, ipx7 waterproof level.

Through the product tooling, we can clearly see that the detection of audio products is to put the whole machine into the sealed mold, and then add the same amount and pressure of the instrument. After the pressure is stabilized, the pressure is calculated by the instrument analysis, and the specific drop is less, so as to judge whether the product can reach the corresponding ipx7 waterproof level

Test difficulties:

This kind of speaker products have common characteristics

1. There are no air filling holes, passive radiators, horn membranes, and some products also have waterproof and breathable membranes, so the pressure resistance is limited. That is to say, the instrument range selection and the output pressure of the instrument must be accurate. A little carelessness may crush the product. As a result, the product will be damaged, and the function of air tightness and leakage detection will be lost

2. The shape variable of the product is large and irregular. When the test pressure is fixed and the volume changes, the corresponding test results will also be crossed and inaccurate

How to solve similar problems:

1. To ensure the accuracy of the instrument, the sensor of the precision air tightness leak detection system of Harris adopts the Honeywell brand of the United States, and after secondary development, the sampling speed can reach 114 times per second

2. The intelligent air tightness test control system of Harris has achieved 24 bit AD conversion and 32-bit CPU, and its operation and processing have reached the world-class level

3. No matter how small the leakage is, it can be detected easily when the test accuracy reaches 1pA, that is to say, the bubbles with large leakage needle eye can be detected at every minute

4. The test mold is excellent, and the positive tolerance is enlarged completely to imitate the product shape. The smaller the redundant space between the mold and the product, the more conducive to improve the detection accuracy

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