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How to do waterproof test and air tightness test for mobile phone???

At present, the biggest topic of mobile phone is waterproof, and the most popular mobile phone waterproof tester is hermetic tester. At present, Harris air tightness tester has provided waterproof grade test and air tightness test for Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers.

Why is hermetic tester so popular for waterproof test of mobile phone?


1、 The airtightness test of Harris has a unique airtightness test system, which can select the corresponding test program according to different test conditions, so as to avoid the error caused by the wrong calculation method.

2、 The internal space of the waterproof tester is very small (1.5cc), which can effectively reduce the pressure fluctuation during the air tightness test of small leakage. It provides the necessary conditions for providing the test accuracy. At present, the test accuracy of the waterproof grade of mobile phone has reached 0.1pA.


3、 So far, Hermes air tightness tester has successfully provided air tightness test for many mobile phone manufacturers, such as Shunfeng, Meizu, Huawei, etc., and has won unanimous praise from customers. Basically, as long as the use method is trained, it is necessary to do after-sales service, It shows that the stability and quality of hiris air tightness detector are quite strong.


4: With rich experience in air tightness test, Harris can provide high-quality waterproof test tooling for different mobile phones. With air tightness tester, it can realize automatic waterproof level test for mobile phones, with high efficiency, fast speed and good stability. It can test a mobile phone in 6 seconds at the fastest.


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