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Discussion on storage and maintenance of air tightness testing equipment

one、 Storage

oneAir tightness testing equipmentIf it is not used for a long time, it should be packed in the packing box with clean plastic film after running for half an hour, and placed in the dry environment at the temperature of 0-10℃~fiftyThe temperature of the sample is 0 ℃.

twoplace1It is necessary to turn on the instrument and start it up for about one month5minute.

threeClean the oil and gas in the oil-water separator before packaging the instrument.

2、 Maintenance precautions

1.Replace the air source filter regularly.

twoIn case of normal use of air tight leak detector, if the instrument fails, it will be guaranteed for free within one year, and will provide preferential service for life after one year.

threeNote the following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

① Because the water content of gas source is too high(Humidity greater than90%)Cause the water in the air path system of the air tightness instrument;

② Connect the oily air source to the air tightness tester circuit.

③ The instrument can not be used due to the user's modification, disassembly and human factors damage.

3、 Use environment

1.Ambient temperature:0& deg;~ 50

twoAmbient humidity & amp; le;95%

threePower Supply:AC220V(& plusmn;15%)50HZ

fourGas source:zero point four0.8MPa (Clean and dry)

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