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What are the models of air tightness tester?

Many customers in the purchase of air tightness testing machine according to their own product needs to chooseAir tightness testerModel, as long as in line with the needs of their own products, to achieve their own production schedule of investment is the right investment. Therefore, according to the production schedule and the characteristics of their own products to select the air tightness test instrument is a more convenient and accurate selection method.Price of air tightness testing machineHow much is it? What are the models of air tightness testing instruments? Today, Harris technology will introduce to the industry.

1、 Model of air tightness tester

There are different models and specifications of hermetic tester, which can meet the test requirements of different products in all walks of life. The parameters set according to different products are different, and the required test methods are also differentAir tightness testerFor example, the equipment that can meet the needs of users for air tightness detection has the following options for reference:

If right气密性检测机Users with more requirements can contact us by clicking the online customer service of Harris technology, or directly dial our customer service hotline to help you solve your problems.

2、 Price of air tightness detector

According to the above model parameter table, we can see that there are many models and specifications of air tightness testing instruments. Different models of air tightness testing machine face different test methods, and the requirements of parameter setting and configuration are different, so the price is also different. And many users may require to test multiple products at the same time when choosing the air tightness tester, and some users need to customize it combined with their own automation equipment, so what hiris technology is recommending for usersAir tightness test equipmentAnd accessories are also different, so are gas quotations.

To understand气密性测试机价格how muchFirst of all, we need to make clear our actual needs, so that manufacturers can follow up your needs and recommend reasonable and appropriate models for you, and the price will be clear. If you want to ask how much the air tightness detector costs, you can contact the online customer service of Harris technology. The customer service of Harris technology will design the appropriate production plan according to your actual needs and production needs, and provide a comprehensive and preferential quotation list.

Harris technology is a company engaged in air tightness testing industry for more than 10 yearsAir tightness testing equipmentManufacturers, experienced, large-scale manufacturers, strong strength, well-equipped companies, to buy cost-effective air tightness detector, welcome to visit and investigate the Harris technology.

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