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How to operate the air tightness test of automobile lithium battery

Due to the strict control of fire safety in various cities, electric vehicles can't enter the room, they can only be put outdoors. For the most important part of electric vehicles, lithium battery sealing, many manufacturers have been paying attention to, will increase in the production processAir strength test of lithium batteryOr lithium battery waterproof detection, only in the air tightness of the lithium battery, can guarantee the service life of the lithium battery.

Figure: to be carried outAir tightness testPhysical picture of lithium battery

So for lithium batteriesAir tightness testHow does the method work? Development of lithium batteryAir tightness testHow to operate?Air strength test of literature battery methodWhat do you have? For these problems, this article will give you a brief introduction.

Development of lithium batteries for electric vehiclesAir tightness testMethods, we take the advantages of Harris technologyAir tightness test of lithium batteryThe case is for reference.

Figure: the design of lithium batteryAir tightness testCase diagram

Air tightness test of lithium batteryMethods and steps:

As shown in the figure above, carry out the test of lithium batteryAir tightness testWe need to prepare oneAir tightness detectorWe also need to customize a set of tooling, a set of mold which is completely consistent with the lithium battery, and then connect the air pipe and the power supply to complete the lithium batteryAir tightness testerIt's too late.

The specific test methods are as follows:

1. WillAir tightness detectorIt is connected with the test tooling and die through the air supply pipe, and the air supply pressure of the air supply part is 0.4-1.2mpa, which cannot exceed this range. Connect the power line, the voltage requirement is 220 v.

2. According to the test requirements, set the test parameters, at the same timeAir tightness test仪Select the test program to the set program.

3. Put in the lithium battery products to be tested, you can start testing. The instrument will automatically determine whether the products are good or bad according to the parameters we set.

Figure: new energy vehicle battery, electric vehicle battery, lithium battery, battery pack气密性检测Summary

different锂电池Air tightness testThe only difference is that it is customized according to the needs of customers. Some customers choose multi station or multi-channel because of the fast production capacity of the production lineAir tightness tester。 Some customers production line capacity is not high, may choose a single station气密性测试仪。 But the test principle is basically the same, only in the selection is different, because the shape of lithium battery is not the same, so in the customized tooling mold is customized.

For lithium batteries气密性测试Methods this article will simply introduce to you, if you want to know more about lithium battery or new energy vehicle battery, electric vehicle battery, lithium battery, battery pack气密性检测Methods or want to get more information about other related products气密性测试Methods you can directly contact the contact information on the official website of Harris technology, and we will contact you at the first time.

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