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What is the principle of air tightness testing that we usually talk about?

WhyAir tightness testWell. Many products need to be waterproof, or need to prevent gas from entering and leaking and do air tightness testing. The most primitive and simple way is to put the product into the water to see if there are bubbles in the water. The disadvantage of this method is very obvious, that is, many products can not be stained with water. Even if it can be watered, the product needs to be dried. It's time-consuming and laborious!

Air tightness test原理图

Now let's talk about the two widely used methods: direct pressure air tightness detection and differential pressure air tightness detection. The principles of the two methods are basically the same. With compressed air as the medium, the specific leakage value is calculated through the change test of air tightness testing equipment parameters, and then the product is determined to be qualified through the leakage value.

There is no harm to the product in this way becauseAir tightness testAir is the medium. Operation is also very simple, most manufacturers have been using this method in production. And got everyone's praise【 This article is edited and published by Harris( )Please indicate the source for reprint]

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