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What should we pay attention to when choosing air tightness detector?

With the development of the market, there are more and more manufacturers producing air tightness detectors, with some differences in performance and price,

Given the customer can be a wide range of reference options, but in the choice should pay attention to what problems? Here is the sea

Reese technology company tells you several knowledge about the selection of air tightness tester

(1)It is suggested to select the air tightness detector with channel function: comparison of the equipment to be tested in the production line

Many, and each variety needs to test the parameters are not the same, so we recommend to choose the air tightness detector

Airtight testing equipment with channel function;

(2)proposalSelect high precision and good quality testing equipmentThe requirements for leakage indicators are relatively high

(3)AirtightThe sex detector isThere are devices of this type without input and output portsyesYou need a separate instrument to get in

Line sealing performance testing, no need to interconnect with other control systems can be used;

(4)proposalSelect flow type detection equipmentWhen the internal volume of the whole sealing test is larger thanAbove 5L

(5)proposalChoose differential pressure type or flow type detection equipment: whenThe internal volume of the workpiece is less than5L, you can

In accordance with the requirements of the process to select differential pressure type or flow type detection equipment.

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