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Characteristics of an excellent air tightness leak detector

An excellentAir tightness leak detectorThe characteristic of automation气密性检测technology

Air tightness leak detectorIt has been widely used, such as mobile phones防水测试, container密封性检测, connector air tightness test, wireAir tightness leak detection equipment, bracelet ipx7, X6 waterproof grade test and other fields. So what kind气密性检漏仪What kind of characteristics does it need to have. There are mainly the following aspects

1、 Precision requirements!

Accuracy: in the tester industry is always the first, the best isAir tightness leak detection equipmentIt's more important in the future. In the air tightness test industry, the unit of accuracy is generally PA. For example, the waterproof detection of Bracelet requires high accuracy of air tightness leak detector. Due to the small volume of the bracelet and the small internal space, the use of air tightness detector for detection, because it only leaks a little air, it has reached the internal and external pressure balance, so in the case of low accuracy, it is impossible to prepare to detect the waterproof grade of ipx6 and ipx7 of the bracelet. The new air tightness tester of Shenzhen Hailisi automatic technology adopts the unique pneumatic technology. The internal space is only (1.5cc), which can effectively improve the accuracy of air tightness leak detection. The maximum can reach 0.1pA, that is to say, the bubbles with large leakage needle eye can be detected every minute

2、 Stability.

气密性检漏仪The stability of the product is related to the testing quality of the product. Therefore, an excellent air tightness test equipment has better stability, which is an important technical index to occupy the market. So how to ensure the stability of waterproof seal test is very important. One of the factors that affect the air tightness tester is temperature. The change of temperature will cause the sensitivity of the sensor, so the air tightness testing equipment should have a temperature compensation control system, so that the change of temperature will not cause the instability of the test. This is the unique technology of Harris air tightness leak testing

3、 High efficiency, automationAir tightness leak detection equipment

With the development of industry and the increase of cost, many companies have put efficiency in the first place. So air tightness, waterproof, seal detection industry is no exception. The air tightness tester, which can realize automatic detection and intelligent detection, has attracted more attention from all aspects.

4、 Intelligent.

With the development of artificial intelligence, an air tightness test with high intelligence is obviously more concerned by customers. Such as networking, remote control and so on.

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