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Analysis of waterproof detection technology for vehicle camera

How to improve the waterproof performance of car camera? It is the first-class quality element of camera, so how to guarantee the qualified rate of waterproof detection? We can use theAir tightness test设备The airtightness testing equipment of Harris is a new high technology防水检测设备It is very suitable for camera waterproof detection.

The camera waterproof detection equipment is shown in the figure below


If you want to do it well, the camera's气密性检测, waterproof detection, then first we have to understand the structure of the camera, as well as its sealing process.


  • 1. The main sealing method of car camera is screw tightening and ultrasonic welding; If it's such a waterproof result, use herrense'sAir tightness testerThe detection is not too difficult.

  • 2. The air tightness test of mainstream vehicle mounted cameras, the test pressure of ipx7 waterproof, theoretically imitates the pressure of one meter water depth, that is, about 10KPA, but the camera industry generally uses 60kpa pressure to test vehicle mounted camerasWaterproof test equipment

  • 3. Water leakage point of camera, sealing ring, screw hole, wire rod (wire rod without waterproof function), as well as the contact part between wire rod and shell. It's all a needAir tightness testerWhere to test

  • 4. The camera test results show that the water is soaked in the water, which may be the water infiltrating from the wire.

  • 5. How to measure the air tightness if the camera has no air filling hole? Make a sealed mold similar to the shape of the camera, put the camera in the mold, and inflate the mold. Connecting with HarrisAir tightness detectorIt's ready to be tested.

  • 6. How long does a test take? Use the airtightness tester of Harris to test for about 20 seconds. This is a very efficient air tightness test, many manufacturers of air tightness tester may not be able to do.

  • 7. What is the test method? Would you like some water? Do you put it in the water and pressurize it?, The air tightness tester adopts the compressed air detection method, which has completely replaced the air tightness detection method using water immersion camera. This is a new air tightness detection technology, which is widely used in all walks of life, such as mobile phone waterproof test, wire tightness test, audio tightness test, connector tightness test and other detection fields. For more details, please call Harris at 400-168-1023

  • 防水检测仪

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