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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of different test methods for air tightness tester

At present, the products on various production lines are more and more widely used in air tightness test,Air tightness tester is also called air tightness tester, waterproof tester, waterproof tester, sealing tester and sealing tester. According to the different test methods, the main test methods of air tightness tester in the market are as follows:

1、 Traditional direct pressure air tightness test

The process of direct pressure leak detection is very similar to this. The operation process of the direct pressure air tightness tester is as follows: inflate the sealing cavity of the workpiece under certain pressure, keep it for a certain time, cut off the contact between the workpiece and the air source, and record the pressure indication at this time, after a certain period of time(Seconds or tens of seconds)After that, read the pressure indication again and compare it with the previous recorded pressure indication. If there is leakage in the measured chamber, there is a difference between the two pressure readings. The larger the difference is, the more serious the leakage is. As long as the difference is within the allowable range, the workpiece can be considered as qualified. Otherwise, it is unqualified.

2、 Traditional differential pressure air tightness test

Differential pressure air tightness detection method: also known as comparison method, it needs a standard leak free product (or a sealed tank with a small difference between the internal volume of the workpiece and the volume of the detected product). The principle is that a certain pressure gas is injected into a sealed sample to be tested, and the same pressure gas is injected into a standard sample at the same time. After a period of static, observe the standard tank According to the pressure difference between the pressure in the workpiece and the pressure in the workpiece, the leakage of the product can be determined. The detection method of this air tightness detector has high detection accuracy, but its versatility is not strong, so it needs two tooling, The detection cost is twice as high as the pressure drop type, and a standard part is needed. If the standard part has problems, the differential pressure tightness test results are not the same, and the standard part needs to be verified regularly.

According to different detection methods, air tightness detector can be divided into direct pressure type and differential pressure type. So what's the difference between the two?& amp; ensp;Both differential pressure type and direct pressure type use gas as detection medium. The biggest difference between them is that differential pressure type needs standard parts, while direct pressure type does not need standard parts. The basic working principle of differential pressure air tightness detector is the same as that of balance, one end of which is the reference(Standard)The other end is the part under test(Tested product)。 However, the measurement sequence is just opposite to that of the balance. Both sides of the reference object and the workpiece are filled with air of the same pressure at the same time, so that the reference object and the workpiece are filled with air of the same pressure& ldquo;balance& rdquo;& amp; mdash;& amp; mdash;The two ends of the differential pressure sensor are balanced.& ensp;The air tightness detector will measure the specific leakage of the workpiece according to the change of differential pressure, and then judge whether the measured workpiece is qualified, and transmit the information to the operator. Because the shape and size of the standard and the tested workpiece are the same, and the external environmental conditions at both ends are exactly the same during the detection process, this test method can eliminate the influence of environmental factors such as temperature and vibration, and obtain high-precision measurement results.

3、 Intelligent air tightness test

Harrisscience and technologyIntelligent sealing tester is a new type of high-precision nondestructive testing equipment. It mainly uses compressed air as the medium to exert a certain pressure on the inner cavity or outer surface of the product to be tested, and then uses a high sensitive sensor to detect the change of pressure, so as to determine the tightness of the product to be tested. Because it uses compressed air as the medium, there is no secondary pollution to the product, and the detection speed and accuracy are better than that of water detection (air molecules are smaller than water molecules, and the leakage speed is faster), sosendIt can be implemented on a large scale in the production line.

At present, the traditional sealing tester is divided into direct pressure type, differential pressure type and flow type according to its sensor form. The accuracy of traditional direct pressure tester is not high;The differential pressure tester has high precision, but its measuring range is small(Usually only5Kpa)It needs to have standard parts for comparison, and the implementation is complex; In view of the above problems, hiris adopts the latest microchip technology and combines with hiris independent research and development of & amp; ldquo; Intelligent differential pressure & amp; rdquo; Patent algorithm. staytwo thousand and twelveThe first generation of intelligent tester was developed in, which makes it comparable to differential pressure tester in accuracy, better in stability and cost method than differential pressure tester.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of three test methods:

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