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Common test methods and principles of air tightness tester -- Technical Report

In this era of consumption, the application of air tightness detector has been popularized to all walks of life, such as: mobile phone industry, automobile industry, battery industry, home appliance industry, intelligent wearable, audio industry, outdoor security, military supplies, medical equipment, valve pipeline, harness industry. In order to make the product achieve a certain air tightness/Waterproof, to achieve their own product quality standards, then the manufacturers will have such a question, how is the air tightness tester used in the production line?When the air tightness tester is used in the air tightness test of products, what is the detection principle?For this problem, first of all, we show an air tightness detector, which uses compressed air as the detection medium. Its appearance is shown in the figure below

Air tightness test, here we mean to test the tightness of the products that need to be tested. This test system generally consists of several parts:

1Gas source Provide the compressed air required by the tested product

2Air tightness detectorPressurize or vacuumize the tested products as required, analyze the leakage and display the test results.

3、Test fixture: properly seal the tested products as required.

The air tightness tester has a wide range of applications, including:

Mobile industry: Mobile back cover/Middle frame, whole machine waterproof, various waterproof parts, waterproof mobile phone cover, etc.

Automobile industry: tire pressure, car camera, car lamp, controller, car pipeline, charging gun, etc.

Battery industry: battery pack, lithium battery shell, terminal and shell, battery charger, etc.

Home appliance industry: home controller, coffee machine, juicer, blender, kettle, electric toothbrush, etc.

Smart wear: smart bracelet, watch, underwater alarm, smart card, etc.

Audio industry: Sports audio, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headset, etc.

Outdoor security:LEDLight, outdoor camera, intelligent door lock, outdoor controller, communication base station, underwater alarm, etc.

Military supplies: fuze, walkie talkie, handheld walkie talkie, car mounted walkie talkie, three defense mobile phone, etc.

Medical equipment: sphygmomanometer, electronic thermometer, endoscope capsule and various infusion oxygen pipes.

Valve pipeline: valve sealing, pipeline permeability, joint sealing test.

Harness industry: waterproof connector, waterproof wire, etc.

For air tightness testing products in different industries, we can divide them into finished products and semi-finished products. The test principles (circuit block diagram) of different air tightness detection systems are shown as follows:

Schematic diagram of direct inspection of semi-finished products:

Schematic diagram of indirect detection of finished products:

For ten years, hiris technology has been on the way of precipitation and accumulation, creation and innovation of air tightness and waterproof detection technology. In the past ten years, hiris has achieved more than 10 yearseight hundredOur partners have provided intimate services for many yearstwo thousandMore than 10 sets of equipment are protecting the air tightness and waterproof function of customers' products.

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& ldquo; Focus, innovation, value sharing & amp; rdquo; It's our business philosophy. Thanks to the team who have been in the same boat all the way, thanks to the customers who have been working hand in hand all the way.

How to start from& ldquo; Made in China & amp; rdquo; Towards & amp; ldquo; China Intelligent Manufacturing & amp; rdquo;, Herrense people use action to explore and practice. Chinese brands should not be synonymous with low price and poor quality; We need to have China's CRRC and Huawei in every industry. Harris technology must become the CRRC and Huawei in the professional field of air tightness and waterproof testing. This is the significance of our persistence and persistence.

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