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The principle and method of waterproof test for mobile phone

The principle and method of waterproof test for mobile phone

Mobile phone is the electronic product that we contact most in our life. Whether at home or outside, mobile phone has become our portable communication equipment.

With the popularity of waterproof smart watch, waterproof mobile phone also began to appear in the market and be concerned by consumers. Since it is a waterproof mobile phone, the manufacturer must test the waterproof performance of the mobile phone. How can the waterproof performance of the mobile phone be detected ? Today, the principle and method of waterproof test for mobile phone are introduced.

The air tightness of mobile phone is closely related to the waterproof performance of mobile phone. If the air tightness of the mobile phone is good, the air can't get into the interior of the mobile phone, then the waterproof performance of the mobile phone must be good. In order to ensure the waterproof performance of the whole mobile phone, manufacturers usually carry out waterproof test on the internal parts of the mobile phone before testing the whole mobile phone. Whether it is the waterproof detection of accessories or the waterproof detection of the final mobile phone, the air tightness detector is currently used. The air tightness tester uses compressed air for testing, which is a non-destructive testing method and will not cause secondary damage to the product.

(Harris)HPAir tightness detector

The air tightness detector uses compressed air as the detection medium to judge the tightness of the product by detecting the change of the internal air pressure of the product. If

A product has a gas filling hole. We can directly fill the gas into the product through the gas filling hole. If the product has no air filling hole, we need to make a mold similar to the test product. The test product is placed in the mold, and the compressed air is filled into the mold. Our sensor will monitor the change of gas in the product in real time, and the test data will be displayed on the display screen intuitively. The air tightness detector will intelligently judge whether the product is waterproof or leaking according to the test data of the product.

(safety test)

Shenzhen Harris technology has a mature testing scheme in mobile phone testing, and has provided air tightness testing services for many mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad, such as apple, Huawei and SF mobile phones.

Shenzhen hairuisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd., established intwo thousand and eightIt is a state-level high-tech enterprise with decades of development history, headquartered in & amp; ldquo; City of design and city of Innovation & amp; rdquo; Shenzhen has a good reputation.

For ten years, hiris technology has been on the way of precipitation and accumulation, creation and innovation of air tightness and waterproof detection technology. In the past ten years, hiris has achieved more than 10 yearseight hundredOur partners have provided intimate services for many yearstwo thousandMore than 10 sets of equipment are protecting the air tightness and waterproof function of customers' products.

& ldquo; Build a platform for the team, create value for customers, and let the givers share the success & amp; rdquo; It is the value that Harris has always adhered to in the growth process of science and technology.

& ldquo; Focus, innovation, value sharing & amp; rdquo; It's our business philosophy. Thanks to the team who have been in the same boat all the way, thanks to the customers who have been working hand in hand all the way.

How to start from& ldquo; Made in China & amp; rdquo; Towards & amp; ldquo; China Intelligent Manufacturing & amp; rdquo;, Herrense people use action to explore and practice. Chinese brands should not be synonymous with low price and poor quality; We need to have China's CRRC and Huawei in every industry. Harris technology must become the CRRC and Huawei in the professional field of air tightness and waterproof testing. This is the significance of our persistence and persistence.

& ldquo; China's brand, the height of the world & amp; rdquo;, It is the glory and dream of herrense people! It is also the mission that our generation must shoulder!

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