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How to do IP67 waterproof detection for HD camera

HD cameras generally play the role of security detection, many public areas will be installed HD cameras: such as schools, parks or buses in all directions. High definition cameras installed outdoors need to work all-weather in harsh environment, and need to have waterproof function, otherwise the lens is easy to water and cause fog, which will affect the clarity and accuracy of monitoring video.

For outdoor HD cameras, the requirement of waterproof grade is generally IP67. IP67 refers to the protection security level. It defines the protection of a product against liquid and solid particles. IP67 waterproof camera means that, without damaging the shell, 6 means that the product can completely protect the internal circuit from dust invasion, and 7 means that the camera can give the internal parts protection time of no less than 30 minutes when it is immersed in water no more than 1m deep.

This time we want to make an IP67 waterproof detection equipment for this HD camera. It can be seen from the appearance of the product that this model needs to be madeWaterproof testThere is no inflation port in our camera. There is a wire at the end of our product, which is not waterproof. So we need to make a test mold for the product, and at the same time, we need to reserve a slot on the mold, and put the wire outside the mold. As shown in the figure below:

The waterproof grade of this camera is IP67. According to the IP67 standard, the test pressure is 10.5kpa, which is equivalent to the pressure of one meter underwater. The maximum allowable leakage is 0.02kpa, which is equivalent to 20Pa.

Connect the air tightness testing tooling and Harris air tightness testing instrument through the factory air source, plug in the power supply, and the IP67 waterproof testing of the camera can be started.

What customers choose this timeAir tightness detectorIt is the latest HL leader series air tightness testing instrument of Harris. HL leader series air tightness detector is the latest product of Harris, which integrates many years of experience and technology of Harris, and integrates the future intelligent gene. It is a high-end instrument mainly developed for high-precision multi pressure requirements and complex test process.

Using the latest hi-os 2.0 system, the interface is more concise and the operation is simpler

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New pressure sensing chip, automatic environment drift correction

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