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What is an efficient seal detector like, and the connection between seal detection and IP waterproof detection

What is an efficient seal detector like, and the connection between seal detection and IP waterproof detection

Sealing test means that the products have sealing performance requirements and corresponding testing requirements. Among them, waterproof performance is one kind of sealing performance. The two representative industries with requirements for external sealing performance are sealing packaging products. Another situation is that the box part of the speaker must have certain sealing requirements, otherwise it will affect the sound quality, Because the waterproof test laboratory is clearly defined, including pressure, time, and water and water throughout

Many times, manufacturers or upstream customers have their own enterprise standards for seal detection, such as a speaker

Of course, IP protection has explicit requirements, such as water pressure, time, and so on. For example, the protection level of ipx7, the requirements of its laboratory: 1 meter underwater, half an hour of soaking time, open the product structure, no water inside, that can reach the waterproof level of ipx7. IP waterproof level can be divided into 1-8 levels, each level of testing conditions are different, the protection difficulty is gradually increasing

There are a lot of products in the use environment, such as outdoor street lamps, outdoor security products, car cameras, lights and so on. There are also many products in the use environment, such as diving bracelets, cameras, swimming pool pumps, electric products for bathing, and so on

Of course, with the increasingly fierce competition in the market of various electronic consumer goods, the function and performance of products that originally did not need waterproof also have waterproof requirements, such as mobile phones, such as audio products. Of course, this is also a good phenomenon. How can the traditional IP waterproof experiment be completed?

The traditional detection method is water soaking method (direct water soaking): water depth and soaking time are used to detect IP waterproofing at all levels. Observe whether there is water in the product as the judgment standard.

The disadvantages are as follows

  • Once water enters into a electronic product, it may cause irreparable damage to the original device.
  • B low efficiency, need to repeat the disassembly and assembly, re verification.
  • C is not suitable for full inspection in production line.
  • D is extremely dependent on human judgment, lack of rigor!!

As shown in the figure below


Another kind of seal detection method.

Traditional detection method (indirect water immersion): put a certain pressure gas into the closed workpiece cavity, sink the workpiece into water (or other liquid), and observe whether there is bubble overflow. Or apply soapy water on the surface of the workpiece to observe whether there are bubbles( The test efficiency of this method is not high, human factors have great influence on the test effect, there is no accuracy to speak of, the data can not be quantified, and it is not convenient to track and judge the cause. Cause secondary pollution to the product, need to dry, wipe. The only advantage is that the leak point can be found, which is quite backward.) in many cases, the tiny bubbles are not easy to be detected by the naked eye. When microleakage occurs, there is leakage but not necessarily bubbles

  • A. Surface tension of water & amp; ndash; Water molecules may block the leak
  • B. In the case of minimal leakage, the gas molecules can melt into the water - no bubbles
  • C. Extremely dependent on human judgment, lack of rigor!!
  • As shown in the figure below:


    These are the traditional detection methods, and they are also the closest to the laboratory conditions of IP waterproof. Its advantage is that the results are scientific, but there are too many disadvantages. It has been explained in detail above, and it will not be repeated one by one, so there will be the later detection method using gas medium

    The characteristics of new type air tightness leak detector and its air tightness detection method

    With the progress of science and technology, Harris has been committed to the research and development of air tightness detector for many years. Recently, it has launched a new type of air tightness detector. It is a new type of air tightness detector with intelligence, automation, high stability, high precision and positive and negative pressure

    With the continuous improvement of customer's testing requirements, all kinds of testing difficulties appear, but the positive pressure or negative pressure does not necessarily meet the air tightness testing requirements of the product. Therefore, Harris has launched a new type of air tightness tester, which integrates positive and negative pressure testing methods. And the instrument built-in automatic detection control program, very convenient to control the peripheral equipment for automatic detection. And the instrument has more than 1000 kinds of built-in detection programs, which can detect different working conditions, and realize intelligent air tightness leak detection. As long as you start the instrument, you can detect the air tightness of the product. The built-in system of the instrument will automatically calculate the gas leakage value, and judge the quality of the product.

    Hyris new air tightness tester is suitable for waterproof test, air tightness test, air tightness test, air tightness leak detection of various products, and has been widely used, such as Meizu mobile phone waterproof test, BYD Auto parts air tightness test, Haman speaker air tightness test, Guoneng battery pack air tightness leak detection, haoen camera waterproof grade test and other fields.

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