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The method and process of airtightness test of micro motor and ipx7 waterproof test grade by Harris airtightness tester

HarrisAir tightness detectorThe method and process of testing micro motor sealing test and ipx7 waterproof test grade

MicromotorAir tightness test

1. Test requirements

A. The whole motor reachesIpx7 waterproof testGrade

B. Pressurize or vacuum the motor from the motor shaft

C. Leakage is allowed at wire terminal

D. Easy to take and put

2. Test difficulties

A. The wire terminal part and the air inlet part of the motor shaft must be in the same pressure environment or both parts at the same time

B. Seal wire

3. Product diagram


4. Schematic diagram of sealing test mold


5. Key points of air tightness test. Motor shaft and wire terminal must be air inlet at the same time

6. Schematic diagram of overall ipx7 waterproof inspection tooling



7. Ipx7 waterproof test grade test sequence and method introduction:

1. Manually install the motor to be tested into the product positioning seat, and install the wire terminal into the terminal fixing seat

2. Start with both hands and press down the two cylinders to seal the motor shaft and terminal at the same time

3. The instrument starts to supply air with equal volume and pressure. (supply air to the two molds of motor shaft and wire terminal at the same time)

4. After inflation and pressure stabilization, the instrument calculates and analyzes whether the pressure of the charged gas decreases

5. On the premise of confirming that the die does not leak, if the pressure decreases, it means that the product does not meet the sealing requirements. Otherwise, it means that the product can meet the sealing requirements

6. According to ipx7 level requirements, about 10.5-11kpa detection pressure will be used

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