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Principle of air tightness testing equipment

for fear ofAir tightness detectorUnqualified situation, air tightness test equipment, we should learn how to judge气密性检测仪Whether to let go

Leakage.Next, let's see how it works.

气密性检测仪Principle: the instrument inputs compressed air with precise control pressure into the test piece, and then automatically turns off the gas source,

electromagnetismThe valve accurately controls the air flow balance for a specified time, and then turns off the solenoid valve (one end of the balance valve is connected with a test piece, the other end is connected with a test piece)

One end cannot be connectedThe air tightness test is carried out by a precision micro differential pressure sensor connected with the same gas path between the test piece and the standard piece,

Within the specified timeThe differential pressure between the standard part and the tested part is measured, and then the actual leakage pressure of the tested part is obtained by temperature compensation

Force drop, so as to judge the testCheck if there is any leakage.

The air tightness of the device is one of the important factors to ensure the success of the experiment. The way to check the air tightness is: the air tightness tester turns the reaction device

Catheter inImmerse one end in water and stick the palm of your hand to the outer wall of the reactor (or slightly heat it with an alcohol lamp). If there is no air leakage in the device, the air in the container will be reduced

Thermal expansionThere are bubbles escaping from the nozzle; After the container has cooled,Air tightness leak testerWater will rise into the conduit to form a section of water column; If installed

If there is air leakage, there will be no airBubbles come out.

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