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IP waterproof level testing equipment and testing standard

IPWaterproof grade testing equipment and testing standards are the concerns of many manufacturers

Zhundou has more advanced indicators, which can solve the problem of product standards for manufacturers, especially in the field of waterproof.

IPWaterproof testing equipment-Harris high precision防水检测仪

IPGrade testing equipment is the standard in the testing industryIPIt is a kind of precision testing equipment for waterproof grade testing and dustproof grade testing,

Research, development, production and sales of Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., LtdIPGrade detection equipment is integrated with waterproofIPClassification and dust control

IPTest equipment with integrated grade, no matter the waterproof grade is as low asIPX1Type or as high asipx9No problem. For the dust level

As high as completely prevent dust from entering can be detected. Shenzhen hairisIPProtection level detection system is widely used for all needs

Do waterproof level, dust detection level of the place, such as the cameraIPX65Waterproof grade test, outdoor electronic products waterproof test

Sealing test of auto parts, waterproof test and dust-proof test of three proofing mobile phones, sealing test of medical products and pipeline sealing

Safety testing, sealing testing of valves and fittings, smart home designIPWaterproof grade testing and other things need to be doneIPA place for grade level testing

IPWaterproof test standard-IPXWaterproof grade standard(0-8Grade 1)

International industrial waterproof grade standardIPXComparison with Japanese industrial waterproof standardJISThe levels are consistent, divided into0-8Of9Level, recorded here.

1It can eliminate the harmful effect of vertical drop

2The stage pair and the vertical direction are in the same directionfifteenThe water drops falling within the range of 10 degrees have protective effect

3Level can be eliminated with the vertical direction in60Harmful effects of spray water droplets

4It can eliminate the harmful effect of splashing water droplets from different directions

5The stage can eliminate the harmful influence on the jet flow of nozzles in all directions

6The stage can eliminate the harmful effect on the strong jet flow of nozzles in all directions

7The distance between the top of the stage and the water surfacezero point one five& mdash;1Meters, continuousthirtyMinutes, performance is not affected, no water leakage

8The distance between the top of the stage and the water surfaceone point five& mdash;thirtyMeters, continuousthirtyMinutes, performance is not affected, no water leakage

This paper comes from hiris automation: hiris automation( precision防水检测设备start

Focus on mobile phone waterproof detection, camera waterproof detectionIPWaterproof grade test, wire waterproof test, speaker waterproof test

And other seal detection equipment.

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