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Air tightness testing equipment_ Harris high precision air leakage detector

Air tightness tester is also called air leakage tester, air tightness tester, air tightness tester, leak detector and so on. The instrument is mainly used for air tightness of products

The test of the system. It is also widely used in gas cookers, lithium batteries, automobile and motorcycle accessories, household appliances, daily necessities, food packaging, medical equipment, etc

Medical equipment and other industries.


What are the common leak detectors

1、 Harris high precision leakage detector

Harris high precision leakage detection equipmentIn other words, the leakage test equipment is a kind of detection system to detect whether the gas has leakage and how much leakage.

It is widely used, such as: cylinder leakage detectionTesting, leakage testing of flexible packaging, leakage testing of liquid, leakage testing of daily necessities, and leakage testing of tires

Air leakage test and other things need to be sealed,Waterproof testing products. Household appliances such as blenders, Juicers and so on need to be cleaned

Testing, Shenzhen Harris on the leakage of such productsWith authoritative technology and experience, leak detection is a good choice for you. Harris'sLeak detection system

UnificationFor the mixer seal detection, leakage detection, squeezingJuice machine seal detection, leakage detection and other products detection, is a certain amount of constant pressure of gas into

Products or are surrounded by the outside of the product to simulate the useThen, the leakage value can be obtained by the complex calculation of the leakage detection system

Determine the quality of the product by leakage


2、 Special leak detector for gas appliance:

This kind of leak detector also adopts differential pressure mode, but it is a low pressure differential pressure leak detector developed according to the gas appliance industry, which is suitable for on-line detection of products. this

This kind of leak detector is mainly suitable for gas appliances: gas stove, plug valve, pressure regulating valve, solenoid valve, proportional valve and stove. There are also other industries, such as

Such as: carburetor, motorcycle engine, car kettle, washing pump, medical products, food packaging, waterproof motor, lamp, etc??.

3、 Differential pressure leak detector:

Compared with the traditional leak detector, the differential pressure leak detector not only saves the labor cost and reduces the detection link, but also has better performance than the direct pressure leak detector

Because of its poor accuracy, it can not meet the actual requirements. The differential pressure type mainly adopts high sensitivity differential pressure sensor, which has higher test accuracy; Adopt large diameter

The air control valve has the advantages of fast inflation speed, good sealing, no heating and long service life. The differential pressure air tight leak detector is used in automobile, aviation, electronics, etc

Gas equipment and other fields have made positive contributions, but also provide a more extensive development space.


4、 Micro flow leak detector:

The micro flow leak detector can check whether the workpiece is qualified by detecting the air flow per unit time of the tested part and comparing with the standard part. This kind of leak detection

The instrument uses micro flow sensor to directly read the air flow through the sensor, and the instrument directly displays the leakage rate of the measured parts. The test result is consistent with that of the tested part

The test process is simple, fast and the test results are true and accurate.

Micro flow leak detector is also widely used, mainly used in automotive parts: carburetor, motorcycle engine, fuel inlet needle valve, fuel tank switch; burn

Gas appliances: gas stove, gas meter valve, gas oven, plug valve, gas water heater; Electrical products: hermetic relay, hermetic motor, submersible pump

Solenoid valve; Others: medical devices, watches, underwater cameras, etc.


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