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LED lamps waterproof detection can use precision air tightness tester

As we all know, the quality testing requirements of LED lamps and lanterns are constantly improving, and the waterproof grade is an important quality index. How to ensure the qualified rate of waterproof grade of lamps and lanterns can use air tightness testing equipment


IP x is a method to express the IP waterproof level of lamps, which is composed of two character codes. The first character code represents the protection level to prevent the entry of solid foreign matters,

The second characteristic code indicates that the protection level IP 65 to prevent water from entering is dust dense (no dust entering) and water spraying (no harmful effect of water spraying in all directions of the shell)

Sound) refer to gb4208-2008ip66, which means that the product can completely prevent the invasion of foreign objects, and can completely prevent the entry of dust, and withstand the impact of strong waves or noise

In case of strong water spraying, the water inflow of electrical appliances shall not reach harmful effect. IP67 waterproof test is to protect the cabinet from short-time immersion under standard pressure

When immersed in water for a short time, there should be no water that can cause damage. It is described in detail in GB 4208. This level is relatively high

It's waterproof. Generally, it is placed in the environment with a water depth of 1m and tested for half an hour. IP68 waterproof test is: ensure to work for 2 weeks in 10m water depth,

Without water entering; After being put into 100 meters water depth and tested for 12 hours, the good performance of the product can still be maintained.

At present, the airtightness detector of Harris is very stable for the level detection of lamps and lanterns, and the detection principle is to do a good job

A relatively sealed tooling, and then put the lamp into the tooling, and then through the air tightness detector to flush or pump the tooling. And then the tester

The change of air pressure in the device can get the IP waterproof grade according to the air pressure difference.

This paper comes from hiris automation: hiris automation(http://www.hairuisi.cnPioneer of precision leak detection system, focus on hands

Sealing test equipment includes machine waterproof test, camera waterproof test, IP waterproof grade test, wire waterproof test, speaker waterproof test, etc.

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