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The most advanced waterproof testing equipment - Harris high precision waterproof tester

With the continuous development of industrial level, the quality requirements of product testing are higher and higher, so the requirements of major manufacturers for waterproof testing are also higher and higher

The higher the price, the higher the priceThere are a lot of testing methods and equipment, and how to make them more accurate and efficient is a question for manufacturers

What we care about is what needs to be solved urgently.

The air pressure leak detection method uses the measured workpiece to inflate or vacuum (air) as the medium,Air tightness testing equipmentAnd then put pressure on it

, differential pressure or flow (vsThis method is simple in structure and convenient in detection

Fast, clean, accurate, low cost, automatic processIt is highly valued by people.

海瑞思Waterproof inspection测设备
The leakage detector adopts the latest foreign microcomputer chip, high-precision sensor and zero leakage solenoid valve to ensure the accuracy of test results and the durability of the instrument

Durable.Microcomputer automatic controlControl the detection process and collect data,Air tightness testThe latest algorithm and special software are used to analyze the data

The temperature in the process of detection is compensated to the greatest extentTemperature (including ambient temperature). It overcomes the external interference and realizes the direct communication

Pressure difference leak detection, intuitive test results, with high performance price ratio, waterproof testTest equipment is an ideal equipment for many air tightness tests.

The leak detector is easy to operate without special training. After setting its relevant parameters, the user only needs to press the run key to get the test data and qualified results

Unqualified indication.

The high-precision waterproof detection system developed, produced and sold by hiris automation technology has great optimization, so the original equipment is not available

Minimal interior space (1.5cc))It can ensure the stability and reliability of the test to the maximum extent. And equipped with imported high sensitive pressure sensor

The detection accuracy can reach 0.1pA, which is completely suitable for the waterproof test of mobile phonecanEnough to meet, this kind of detection accuracy can be described objectively, so that every

The bubbles with the size of the needle eye can be ready to be detected without error.


Herrense's testing equipment, such as摄像头防水检测线材密封检测Sealing test of medical devices and leakage test of metal die castings

Outdoor security水检测IP protection level test音箱防水检Seal testWait for the equipment to upgrade and then upgrade, now it has built-in barcode scanner

。 It is convenient to track the situation of productsMoreover, the remote control system is expanded, which can understand the waterproof and sealing performance of products anytime and anywhere, and help to improve the quality of products

You improve the quality and then improve.

This paper comes from hiris automation: hiris automation( of precision leak detection system, focusing on mobile phone anti-theft

Water detection, camera protection水检测IP waterproof grade inspectionTest, wire waterproof testSpeaker waterproof test密封检测设备

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