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Watch waterproof detector
Air tightness detectorAn important role is toWaterproof test, waterproof test, also applicable toWatch waterproof testWaterproof detection of smart Bracelet
Waterproof, such as watches, bracelets as a standard, but also one of the selling points of major brand manufacturers. So how to solve the problem of waterproof testThe problem has also attracted people's attention,
in especialWatch waterproof testMethods and methods, andWatch waterproof tester。 What kind of waterproof test is more suitable for Bracelet waterproof test? It can guarantee the absolute waterproof quality of the watch,
There is still a lot of knowledge in it, among which Harris automation focuses onAir tightnesstesting防水测试Field, long-term major manufacturers to provide first-class waterproof testing equipment and equipmentAir tightness testPlan.
The figure below shows the new air tightness of HerculesWaterproof tester


At present, there are many kinds of waterproof test equipment used in the watch industry, most of which are pressurized, basically in the form of sealed cans, pumped inside

PressureshrinkAir, this way of testing time is slow, data can not be quantified, this way has been the latest development气密性检测仪Instead.

The actual situation of watch contact with water is quite different from the experimental conditions, so many consumers will be misunderstood by the label of waterproof depth of watch
, butCan take a watch to swim, resulting in the watch into the water. If there is something wrong with the waterproof performance of the watch, it's just a mistake when testing the quality
Waterproof test of watchThe equipment is being tested, and it will not be tested in the real water depth, but in the waterproof experimental tank.
Air tightness tester
If it is popular in the market, it is the innovation of hiris automation that creates high precision气密性测试仪, aliasWaterproof detector, thisThe original equipment is very small
The internal space (1.5cc) can be maximizedDu diEnsure the stability and reliability of the test. And equipped with imported high-sensitivity pressure sensor, detection
The precision can reach 0.1pA, which is waterproof to watch and braceletThe test is overAll can be satisfied, this kind of detection accuracy can be described objectively, so that every time
The bubble with the size of the needle eye can be preparedCheck correctlyCome out.
In this way, the work efficiency of waterproof detection has been greatly improved. Whether it is a watch, mobile phone or other electronic products, it can pass the test
气密性测试仪Detected its indicators to help manufacturers do more in line with the standards of products!
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