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Introduction of IPX waterproof grade and application of IPX waterproof test

Classification and application of different IPX waterproof gradesWaterproof testerAndIPX waterproof grade testThe process of

IPX waterproof grade division:

Ipx-0 has no waterproof protection

Under normal operation, ipx-1 equipment can provide waterproof protection equivalent to 3-5mm / min rainfall for 10 minutes.

Waterproof tester

The grade of ipx-2 is basically the same as ipx-1, but it can pass the waterproof test of 15 degrees upward in all directions.

Ipx-360 degree splash water-proof protection provides 2-5 minutes of 10 L / s flow rate and 80-100 n / M pressure water-proof protection.

Ipx-4 is basically the same as ipx-3, but it can provide all-round and angle splash waterproof protection.

Ipx-5 has all-round and angle waterproof protection, providing 2-3 minutes of 12.5 L / s flow rate and 30n / M pressure waterproof protection.

Ipx-6 water-proof protection of big waves can last for 2-3 minutes to resist the depth of 3 meters, the flow rate of 100 L / min and the pressure of 100 N / m.

Ipx-7 can be soaked for 30 minutes under 1 meter of water.

Ipx-8 is completely waterproof and can be used in water continuously for a long time.

How to use the precision technology of Shenzhen Harris防水测试仪Test products with different waterproof grade requirements:

1. The waterproof grade IPX0, which has no waterproof requirements, generally does not need to be tested.

2. Ipx8 is required to be absolutely waterproof, and its test method is relatively simple. When testing, it passes the test of Harris防水测试仪Every time, we provide quantitative and equal pressure gas to the sealed fixture or the inner cavity of the product. Through a certain pressure stabilization time, we can filter out the fluctuation of the air pressure. After the air pressure is stable, we only need to observe the change of the air pressure or the change of the gas volume, and then we can easily get the test results( The key point of this test is to ensure the precisionAir tightness testerThe positive pressure or negative pressure provided for each test is absolutely the same pressure and volume. For how to realize the air tightness leak detector of Shenzhen Harris, please call Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd.: 400-168-1023 24 hours防水测试仪Service hotline.

3. The waterproof grade of ipx1-ipx7 is increasing. The greater the mantissa is, the higher the waterproof requirement is. However, these waterproof grades are within the allowable range of the standard, and the leakage is qualifiedAir tightness leak detectorThe requirements of the system are: high precision and sensitivity, and high sampling speed when testing, so as to accurately judge whether the leakage rate is within the allowable range of the standard. The following one by one explains how to achieve.

4. The waterproof grade of ipx1 and ipx2 is slightly different in the laboratory simulation, but the test method is the same when using the waterproof tester of Shenzhen Harris to do the non-destructive air tightness leak detection. Select positive pressure, negative pressure or mixed pressure test according to different products to be tested, and select one or both ways to test at the same time according to the test efficiency required by customers.

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