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The process and key points of speaker waterproof test by air tightness test

Air tightness detectorAs the main equipment of waterproof test industry, forSpeaker waterproof testThe same applies.

Waterproof test仪

1.It is the only way for the industry to make waterproof test for outdoor sports electronic products of speaker class in recent one year, because modern people pay more and more attention to sports and health, while fitness or exercise, these fashionable intelligent electronic products are essential, such as intelligent rings, sports speakers, etc. When people enjoy sports and sweat, there are new requirements for the electronic products we wear. The most important life waterproof is certain, so the electronic products for outdoor sports must have certain waterproof function. IPX waterproof test and air tightness test are needed

twoThe traditional waterproof test methods include:

1、 According to the requirements of waterproof grade, make corresponding immersion depth (pressure) and immersion time. The advantage of this soaking method is that the result is very intuitive, and the leakage point is clear, but it usually brings some irreparable damage to the product, which is not desirable.

The other is to simulate the immersion environment and time in the laboratory. This method is more accurate and efficient, but it will also bring some irreparable damage to the product. At the same time, it is impossible to provide a comprehensive waterproof test in mass production.

And precision气密性检测仪The emergence of the new era completely solved the traditional problems防水测试The disadvantages of this method. Without damaging the performance and structure of the product to be tested, the production efficiency can be greatly improved, which is very suitable for comprehensive production in the production line防水测试

threeHow to realize the traditional water immersion experimentIPX7Waterproof testFor example:

Method name: short time immersion test

Test equipment and conditions: soaking tank. The size shall be such that the distance from the bottom of the sample to the water surface after the sample is placed in the immersion tank shall be at least 0 1m。 The distance from the top of the sample to the water surface shall be at least 0.15m

Test time: 30 min

4.HarrisAir tightness testerYes, the waterproof detection of outdoor sports speaker can be realized

Step 1: there must be a sealed mold with the same shape as the product, and the size should be as accurate as possible. Because the smaller the margin between the outer mold and the product, the higher the detection accuracy will be, as shown in the figure below:


Step 2: select the negative pressure test method (positive pressure may cause certain damage to the horn membrane and affect the sound quality), and select the appropriate test pressure and time. We choose to use-60KPPressure detection of the system.

The third step: preliminary waterproof test, at this time the test standard may not be accurate, but it doesn't matter, we pass the testtenFind out the leakage value of each product, and the online and offline pressure. If there is the internal volume of the product and the mold volume, we can also calculate the leakage rate.

Step 4: in precisionAir tightness testerInput the above conditions one by one in the program of, it can be used as the basis of detection, and the air tightness test will automatically determine according to the conditions we setOKorNG

fiveSpecial note: the leaking product will leak air, but the leaking product will not leak water. However, if we increase the water pressure or prolong the soaking time, it may leak water. Similarly, if we increase the measuring pressure and time, the number of defective products may increase. At this time, our misunderstanding will be that the accuracy of the instrument is not enough and there will be misjudgment, If the detection of waterproof testerNGThe actual immersion test found that the product is adhesiveIPX7Waterproof requirements, which means that the standard of our testing is set high, at this time we can appropriately relax the testing conditions. However, the waterproof tester can not detectOKIt is found that the actual water immersion of the product can not meet the requirementsIPX7Waterproof testing requirements, this is a misjudgment, is absolutely not allowed.

sixBecause of the condition of immersion test, the method of nondestructive leak detection is very importantAir tightness testerAccording to many years of practical experience, Harris technology has explored a more simple method of data collection: before testing, press a part of the sample according to theIPX7The actual water immersion test is required to test the watertight product with a waterproof tester, and the conditions can be used as the judgment standard.

sevenOf course, these are just common test principles and methods. Due to different product structures to be tested and different customer requirements, more judgment conditions are used in waterproof test, which should be limited according to actual experience and multiple sampling data on site.

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