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How to choose air tightness testing equipment suitable for our products

Now there are more and more manufacturers producing and developing air tightness testing equipment, and the price is also different, resulting in a very wide range of choices for customers, which is even worse

Lead to do not know how to compare, choose suitable for their own productsAir tightness testing equipment。 Here, Hairui technology gives the following methods:

(1) Selection of flow type air tightness testing equipment: if the internal volume is more than 5L, the flow type should be selected; However, if the internal volume is less than 5L, it will be difficult

The flow type or differential pressure type should be selected according to the process requirements.

(2) To select the air tightness detection equipment without output and inlet, it is necessary to use the instrument alone for air tightness detection, and it does not need to be connected with other control systems

Pick up.

(3) Select air tightness testing equipment with channel function: when there are many testing varieties in the production line, because the parameters required for each variety may be different.

(4) Select high-precision and good quality air tightness testing equipment: for the workpiece with strict leakage index requirements, it is necessary to select high-precision and good quality testing equipment


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